Home haircutting tips made easy

Each season of the year can bring on new hairstyles for kids. But some parents are hesitant to put their haircutting skills on display beyond the buzz cut.

Products like WAHL’s easy-to-use home haircutting system with numbered guide combs makes it a snap to achieve a variety of lengths and styles at home – from the shaved look to longer, shaggier styles.

Here are five tips to consider when using hair clippers:

1. Pre-cut. Before cutting, comb out the hair so it is all at full length. For longer cuts, it helps to dampen the hair.

2. Cutting. Always begin with the longest guide comb and move down until comfortable with the length. On the back and sides, start at the hairline and use slow, smooth upward strokes. On the top of the head, cut from front to back and avoid forcing the clipper through the hair.

3. Blending. Attach the same guide comb used on the back and sides with the taper level down. Incorporate a rocking motion toward the middle of the head to blend.

4. Tapering. With the taper level still down, attach the left and right ear guard to blend around the ears.

5. Neckline and touch-ups. Use the clipper with no guard to clean up the neckline and around the ears. A simple, light trimming at the lower neck and sides between professional cuts can also bring back a well-groomed look.

These tips are a great way to get started. Visit www.wahlgreathaircuts.com for more ideas and a variety of visuals including haircutting how-to videos.

“The buzz cut is still a very popular, easy-to-maintain style for kids to sport,” says Ray Nielsen, senior product manager for WAHL Clipper Corporation. “However, if you take some time to learn a few of the basics, mastering a longer cut that is more popular in the fall and winter can become a reality. Throughout the year, the clipper continues to save you time and money, and your kids are happy with the haircut they want.”

WAHL Clipper Corporation offers a variety of haircutting kits to help families maintain their hair in the comfort of their own homes. Most kits include guide combs for a broad range of cutting options, a styling guide and a variety of other useful items that make cutting hair at home easy and affordable.