Candidate Quickies

The A&T Register’s guide what your favorite major Presidential hopefuls were up to over the past week.

DEMOCRATSHillary Clinton was clearly on the offensive in Monday’s Democratic debates and squarely in her cross-hairs were chief rival Barack Obama.

Clinton blasted the Illinois Senator on his affiliation with slum lords and his stance on universal health care among other things. She even jokingly suggested that a dance off between Obama and her husband Bill could be arranged as she shied away from scrutiny that she was using her husband “too” much in her recent stretch of campaigning.

Barack Obama finally got to address attacks on his record from the Clinton campaign face-to-face and harped on the importance of not voting for someone just cause their black or a woman but because they are the best.

While squabbling with Clinton, Obama managed to get in his trademark charm when asked whether or not he believed Bill Clinton was the nation’s first black president. After a long “Well…” Obama phrased the former commander in chief for his affinity with the black community and joked that he’d have to see him dance to determine whether or not he’s really a brother.

John Edwards used the Democratic debate in Myrtle Beach, S.C. to let Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton bicker with each other and hit on keys issues trying to prove that he’s not the odd man out in this race. Even with his strong showing Edwards spent a large portion of the debate as a third wheel serving as tiebreaker as Obama and Clinton threw out opposing views on major issues.


Fred Thompson took his name out the Republican presidential race on Tuesday. In a statement on his website, the former Law & Order star said he was “grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people.”

John McCain is still in it to win it in Iraq but this picked up the support of New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato, who previously supported Fred Thompson but joined the Straight Talk Express team after he decided to bow out. D’Amato has had a longtime “beef” with of former NYC mayor and candidate Rudy Giuliani.

Mitt Romney is making waves this week for all the wrong reasons. After a win in Michigan last week and another decisive win in the Nevada, Romney had a “Howard Dean” moment in Florida saying “Who let the dogs out?” instead of the usual “cheese” while posing with kids for a picture. Later in the video, Romney compliments a baby on his “bling bling.” No lie. On MLK Day!

Mike Huckabee spent MLK Day paying his respects to the late civil rights leader at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where King used to preach, and listened to former President Bill Clinton speak.

Huckabee pulled back ads and some campaigning in Florida as his campaign acknowledged a lack of funds. The state that was once a major point of emphasis for Huckabee.

  • Mike McCray