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    We need to vote to save our future

    “If it’s not the presidential election, I’m not voting.” Why is this mentality so common on our campus? I just do not understand it. Students refuse to vote for local elections, but will come out in record numbers to vote for the next president.

    Yes, the presidential election is one of the most important elections in this country, but it is not always the most important. Students need to realize that the legislators in their local government make some of the most important decisions that affect their lives.

    It is crazy to me how the campus can be in such an uproar to get people out to vote for the next president, but when it is the local election season we barely hear about it. I wonder how many people on our campus knew who was actually running in this election. I wonder how many students actually knew that voting day was Nov. 8. I wonder why no one sees this as a problem.

    Why are we not constantly trying to educate our fellow students about the candidates for the local election? Why do we not dorm storm just as hard when it is time to vote for our next mayor? Why do we not inform others on the views of each party so they can make a real choice when choosing a political party? Why do students not know about the issues that actually affect us?

    Ridiculous bills, like the Voter ID bill, are created every day and a lot of them actually are passed because college students are not aware and do not vote. College students always want to take action when it is too late or close enough.

    I want us as whole to stop waiting until last minute to want to take action. I want us as students to become more aware and be proactive in political awareness and involvement. I want for students to realize that the issues that we complain about could have been stopped at an earlier point if only we were involved from the very beginning.

    I commend the student leaders that are trying to solve this problem by getting people registered and marching to the polls. I also commend the organizations that hold programs to educate our students on politics and local issues. However, I also have some kind of sympathy for all those I have just commended. Sympathy because their numbers are slim to none.

    When Obama was running for president, everyone was involved and trying to help. Why is that same enthusiasm and that same strength in numbers not present for local elections? Why did the spirit of change die after one person was elected?

    The goal of change and making a difference is still not complete. There is still work to be done and it is our duty as citizens that we elect the right people into office to make this dream come true.

    We cannot depend on a small group of people to do everything. We need students to get other students involved and to continue the trend until most of the campus is involved. That is what I hope to see one day and that is what I hope to see during the next election.

    For those who did not vote yesterday, just remember that you do not have any right to complain later if a horrible change occurs. The moment you silenced yourself was the moment you let your community down. Your vote was supposed to be a vote for a change and a vote that shows your concern for the community. It is too late now, but I just hope that next time you have a change of heart.

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    • Michele Delgado, Contributor