Why are you Facebook-thuggin’?

Real G’ and thugs bring the drama to your door.  Internet thugs are safe from being harmed. Blog sites like the former Juicy Campus and World Star Hip Hop made it safer for internet thugs to remain unidentified, since every blogger logs in under guest. 

As a tip, user names like 187pacman and e-thug are great indicators you may be dealing with a cyber thug. 

Internet thugs try to be as intimidating as possible through emails, chat rooms, and forum boards.

We already have internet haters.  It would seem we could add thugs to the list of stupid stuff people do on the internet.

This article is for the internet thugs that are rough online but pansy in person.  I’m airing you people out because you are a disgrace to society and the world will be a better place without your network drama. 

The entertainer will not acknowledge your opinions of an entertainer, but you insist on making a fool out of yourself, not knowing artists may have gotten 15 cents for your comment.

If you don’t like what you are hearing, then you’re one click away from not listening to it.  If you’re looking for a fight then you’re not going to find one online. 

You make threatening comments on every blog or video you watch for fun and to get some widespread attention.

 It’s not fun for those who are online to enjoy their favorite videos unless they are the type of people that build off hate.

I can’t stand all of you cyber thugs because you think it’s cool to bully other bloggers when it’s really not.

 We all recognize the fake in you, especially when you attack a certain group of people based on their race, religion, or even sex.  In fact, I was watching a video on www.worldstarhiphop.com and there was this one cowardly internet gangsta making racist remarks about African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans.  Even though he didn’t initially identify his ethnic background, it was plain to see that a white male was using derogatory terms because he was defending himself on behalf of himself and other Caucasians. 

This battle between him and other bloggers, regardless of whatever race each one was, went on for some time. 

Overall, I would say that the White male lost overall because it was too much for him to handle. 

The point that I’m making here is that internet debating had nothing to do with the video that was being featured.

I’m also sick of the bloggers that copy-paste multiple times.  I wish there was a program invented that could ban comments that don’t relate to the featured video or note.  That would mean that there would be no more promotional ads for a rap artist, no more sneaker ads, no more job ads, no more “first” comments, and most of all no more internet beef.   I’m calling for a petition to ban Internet thugs.

Real G’s make killing sprees not killer comments.  Since when has it become cool for a college student to display an A.K.-47 in his dorm as his profile pic? He probably doesn’t even know how to use it. 

He’ll kill himself before he tries to kill someone else.  If you’re in college trying to major in gangsta credibility then you’re headed to your downfall. 

Don’t take these types of people seriously.  After all, what goes around comes around.

  • James Totton