Make-up tips from Clinique

Fashion Etc., a club created by fashion design and merchandising majors, held a make-up seminar hosted by Clinique to teach students about make-up application and skin care. Fashion Etc. hosts different events each month and decided a seminar on make-up would be a great event for the month of February.

“We notice a lot of young ladies wearing make-up that looked unnatural, so we decided to do this event to teach women the correct way of wearing make-up and taking care of their skin,” said Fashion Etc. President Latanya McRae.

Felecia Neal, a former fashion design and merchandising major and make-up artist for Clinique, spoke at the seminar. She put emphasis on personal skin care. “Your make-up only looks as good as your own skin,” said Neal. She explained how make-up goes through trends. While this winter the nude look with natural colors and hues are in, the summer will change it up and gold and bronze will be the shades of choice.

As she applied make-up to one of the students attending the seminar, she told on-lookers that liquid foundation is good but for a more natural look, it should be finished by powder foundation. She also explained how to choose the perfect shade. “African American women can wear pretty much any eye shadow shade because of our dark eye color,” said Neal.

Clinique offers make-up for all types of skin. Many are under the impression that Clinique is not for women of color. Neal disagrees. “Skin is skin. Whether it’s black or white. So no, it’s not for black people. It’s for all people,” said Neal. Clinique is owned by Estee Lauder who also owns other well known make-up and skin care products such as M.A.C, Proactive, and Benefits.

Although make-up application is important, the removal is equally important. According to Neal, soap and water does not remove make-up. To completely get rid of all traces of it, a make-up remover is needed. Make-up removers have molecules in it that break down make-up and completely remove it. “It is very important to remove make-up. Improper or non-removal of it will break out your skin,” said Neal.

Clinique is a more expensive brand than what’s typically found in Wal-mart and a few young ladies were apprehensive because of its cost. “I really like the make-up because it is so light, I can barely feel it. But I don’t think I’d buy it. I simply can’t afford it,” said Moja Wynn. A junior fashion design and merchandising major from Columbia, S.C.

  • Brittney Hannah