Basically, we suck!

Someone on twitter stated this weekend that A&T is wasting so much money for the band to travel from school to school during football season each year.

However, I believe the wasted money is not going towards our band. The members of the football team are the ones who are wasting our money.

It is amazing how much money is WASTED on our football team each year. Year after year we continue to face losing season after losing season.

Is it too much to ask for a competitive football team? And for those of you who feel that The A&T Register goes in too hard on our beloved football team, please spare me!

It does not make any sense for our football team to be ranked DEAD LAST in the Jeff Sagarin NCAA football ratings (which can be found in USA Today). That’s right! Of the 245 teams in Division 1 football, we rank number 245.

Maybe we should start letting our Flag Football team host homecoming in the Holland Bowl instead of wasting our time and money hosting it in Aggie Stadium.

Maybe we would actually break this seven-year homecoming-losing streak.

I know most people may blame the coaches. I will be the first to admit that if the coaches cannot motivate a team, then the chances of the team being any good is slim to none.

However, the weight should not fall all on them. I personally feel that our head coach’s resume was fine before he came to our God-awful football program. It would be extremely hard, if not impossible; to motivate a group of people who feel that losing is natural.

Coaching may be a problem, but the players surely do not make it easy for anyone to support them.

And without an athletic director, it’s become a sad day to be an Aggie football supporter.

At most schools, the way the athletic program works all starts with the football team. If games are won, better players and coaches can be recruited. If better players and coaches are recruited, then attendance will increase. More attendance means more sponsors and alumni support and obviously more money. The money that is typically made during football season can be distributed throughout the entire athletic department.

So naturally, if your football team is doing its job, many of the other teams become better because they can simply recruit better players and have more money to build their respective programs.

However, when your football team is some trash like ours, then volleyball, baseball, track, bowling, swimming, etc. all suffer. These teams need funding that they typically will not get since they have very little attendance.

So when the football team continues to produce garbage week in and week out, the entire athletic department suffers. As an Aggie, I am tired of seeing you guys make up 10 of our 20 Questions every single week.

When talking to people from different schools, it is really embarrassing to bring up the football team. I would at least love to talk about how things used to be, but I can’t.

Since I can remember, our team has been getting run over, around, and threw for far too long.

I wish I could still support the football team in public; but until I see some changes, I have stopped claiming you as a representative of this university.

So instead of everyone pointing fingers in the locker room, I suggest everyone just sit down and realize that you all have just got to do better!