20 Questions_ February 10, 2010

1. What’s a reunion show without a “cocktail?”

2. Who invited her anyways?

3. With Cocktail from season 1 there, was Ray J trying to remix the show?

4. Speaking of love, what’s up with Valentine’s Day haters?

5. Instead of calling them haters, can’t we just call them bitter?

6. Is it because you have a hunchback and some hammertoes?

7. Are you cool with being a cheap date?

8. Should we be worried about guys who like receiving flowers?

9. At what age should girls stop liking stuffed animals?

10. Which is better—Halloween or Valentine’s candy?

11. Are you hoping your Valentine’s Day plans will get you some booty?

12. Wouldn’t that mean that you haven’t got the booty yet?

13. Why is it taking you so long?

14. What is Reggie Bush’s Valentine’s Day booty going to be like?

15. You think he’s looking at Kim or checking his reflection in his ring?

16. Why was Kim all in the interview after the Saints won?

17. Isn’t she kind of like a glorified personal towel girl?

18. A really, really fine towel girl?

19. Is N.O. going to celebrate two Mardi Gras?

20. In honor of the Superbowl champs, Who Dat?

  • Register Staff