Seasonal switch: How to make the spring wardrobe transition

If the warmer weather has you jumping for joy, you’re not alone. But if you find yourself stuck with one of the inevitable glum and rainy spring days, consider it an opportunity to do spring style’s dirty work: the seasonal wardrobe transition. Don’t look at it as a chore, though – it’s the perfect time to take inventory of what you have, clean out what no longer works and maybe – if you find some good deals – add some key pieces for the upcoming season.

Standing in front of a crowded closet overflowing with sweaters and all your winter wear can be intimidating, so take a step-by-step approach. It’ll make it easier to tackle the work, and it also lends itself to better closet organization. Follow these tips to get your wardrobe spring-ready.

* Determine what needs to go. Whether you’re prepping items for storage or weeding out things you no longer want, do a thorough inspection. Put your winter favorites in a storage bin (preferably something that breathes), so that they’ll be safely stowed but out of your way for the coming seasons. Designer footwear like Christian Louboutin boots should be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of any sand, salt or other winter grit before storage. If you find yourself pulling out winter items that you didn’t wear at all during the season, it’s probably time for them to move on – if they’re in good repair, consider donating them. Sometimes you just can’t make up your mind about an item – move it into a “maybe” box. If you find yourself wanting to use it, it’s a keeper. If you forget about it after a few weeks, let it go.

* Find your keepers. Some cold-weather favorites can be transitioned into spring. You’ll definitely need outwear, and one of the key pieces this spring is a trench coat. If you don’t have one, now’s a good opportunity to invest in this classic item that you’ll reach for year in and year out. Designer labels like Cole Haan have plenty of choices, from the classic tan trench to long navy and cropped red versions. Other items you’ll want to keep around are your cardigans, which can double as jackets in cool temperatures; leggings, which you can use to add a little warmth when wearing dresses; and long-sleeved dresses – don’t break out your sundresses just yet. Look at spring trends to see which items you can get some extra mileage out of.

* Spring supplements. The season makes you feel as fresh and new as the blooming flowers, so it’s only natural that you would want to reinvigorate your look, too. Think about switching from closed-toe to peep-toe heels (don’t reach for those sandals), and a bright and springy handbag, such as a white-and-tan Fendi tote or a brightly colored Longchamp bag that’s perfect for going to the market.