20 Questions

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1. If you agree to ride with your date on the bus to the restaurant, does that make you a ride-or-die chick?

2. Do you have a billion dollar pimp hand, but a Red Box budget?

3. Don’t you wish the club took Flex dollars?

4. Can Auxiliary Services work that out?

5. Maybe hook up a HEAT route over to Music City?

6. Is anyone still buying Obama T Shirts?

7. How many seniors have the “itis” right now?

8. Shoot, how many sophomores have the “itis” right now?

9. Why does the campus have to smell like crap?

10. Don’t you think Home Depot sells better smelling mulch?

11. Why is the Wendy’s on Summit Ave. so freaking slow?

12. Did you know texting and walking could be a dangerous combination?

13. Why do people try to hit 60 mph between speed bumps?

14. Why does A&T email system suck so bad?

15.  Who really uses IBM anymore? 

16. Did you know UNCG uses Gmail?

17. How are we a “technical” school when we can’t even get email to work?

18. Shouldn’t we be named A&TD (technical difficulties)?

19. What if the women’s basketball team wins the WNIT?

20. Wouldn’t that call for Homecoming to be in the winter?

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