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    Valentine’s Day playlist for Singles and Couples

    Mariah Carey “ We belong Together” (2008)

    Mariah Carey’s “ We belong together” was for single women longing to spread their wings and fly away with their ultimate soul mate.


    Whitney Houston “I will always Love you”

    Need I say anymore? Whitney Houston came on the scene pouring her heart to the world on the critically acclaimed movie, “The Bodyguard”. At the end of the day, Whitney’s final words are, “I will always love you”. Single people, grab someone (your ex or mystery lover) and tell them what is really in your heart.


    TLC “Creep” (1992)

    “So, I creep, yea, yea, just keep it on the down low”. TLC dominated love songs in the 1990s, but with this hit, it explained how a woman “creeps” around because her man is not giving her the attention she needs. Fellas’ listen up, show your woman some affection, or she will dump you.


    Janet Jackson “ I get lonely” (1997)

    “I get so lonely” is a song off of Janet Jackson’s sixth album, “Velvet Rope”. Yes, all single ladies get lonely as days go by, but as Ms. Jackson says, “can’t let anybody hold us…don’t want anyone but you.”


    Mary J. Blige “ Real Love” (1992)

    R&B’s queen said it best, “ I’m searching for a real love, someone to set my heart free”. Women only want their dreams and inspirations to lead them to something real.


    Mya “Movin’ On” (1998)

    Well, I guess Mya does not give second chances. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, tell your significant other that you will be movin’ on.


    Prince “ Purple Rain” (1983)

    This classic reigned supreme during the 80s. Prince was in love! Why can’t some men just spill their feelings out, and say, “I never meant to cause you any sorrow, I never meant to cause you any pain.”


    Beyonce “Single Ladies” (2009)

     Baddie Bey has all the single ladies asking, “Where my ring at?”


    Lil Wayne “Single” (2009)

    Ladies, if Lil Wayne can admit to being single, why can’t you? Play this record and I am sure you will be thankful you spent Valentine’s Day alone.


    Aaliyah “I Miss you” (2001)

    This wonderful angel kept it real at all times. When you hear this song, there is no doubt that soon after you will be singing, “It’s been too long and I’m lost without you, what am I gonna do?”


    Brian McKnight “Anytime” (2002)

    The sultry singer never disappointed his fans, and he is still moving forward in R&B. A lot of single guys go through the heartache of bad relationships, and they come up for air asking their ex, “ do I ever cross your mind, anytime?”


     Usher “Burn” (2001)

    When your good isn’t good enough, you have tried all the possible outcomes, and you know that it’s over, the best thing to do is to let it burn. Catch flames with someone else.


    Pleasure P “ Did You Wrong” (2007)

    Don’t we all want to take that one ex back? Pleasure P, announced as a man, that he wanted to take his significant other back! As cliché as it sounds, men do wrong in relationships, but it will be beneath them not to go after the women they love.


    New Edition “ If it isn’t Love” (1988)

    If it’s not love, then it’s lust, right? According to New Edition, and the Soul Train 2012 Achievement Award, these brothers reminded women and men what it is to be loved and how it feels to be loved.


    Drake “Different” (2011)

    One of the reasons why relationships split is because both genders want something “different”. From the beginning, one will see what they want to see in their relationship, but the tables turn and the fun abruptly dies. Yeah yeah, you want something different.

    • By: Chanel Tucker