Students Show Disrespect Towards Professors

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Laci Ollison & Colby BooneWord Editor & Register Contributor:

Oftentimes we put in perspective the issues that directly affect our personal lives as well as the student body. Rarely do we take into consideration the actions and situations that can harm the professors who render us the greatest education any school has to offer.

Journey with me to a freshman studies classroom. Being surrounded by your peers in the new college environment can be an exciting and eye opening experience for many reasons.

How was the environment, classroom size, tolerance level or even the pace of learning compared to your other classes you might have had? If you don’t see the differences you might be part of the growing trend or overlooking a problem with disrespect towards professors.

Granted, freshmen classes have the potential to be far more “wild” as opposed to the classes filled with super seniors who are ready to graduate. But even complaints have began rolling in from more professors in regards to students’ behavior.

How real is it? In all honesty, a teacher has the capability to drop you from their class.

I have personally witnessed a student being dropped from a class due to ill behavior

Keep in mind that we are responsible for our character and actions, no matter what our personal views and opinions may be. Professors have a job to do when teaching a class. Likewise, students are responsible for maintaining a high behavioral standard in the classroom.

“Only thing that bothers you is the cellphones,” said William Grant Hill at the Center for Academic Excellence.

You may get your attendance credit, but you are still missing the lesson.

Hill said that he is now implementing rules so that the whole class will be punished for using their cellphones by giving the presentation that he was teaching the following week.

We have a chance  to gain the best education that we can. With that being said, speaking up and encouraging your peers to behave  correctly is important. Serving as a guiding voice not only shows a level of maturity, but it also shows leadership. After all isn’t that what “Aggies do?”

From the Editor:

Since I have been at N.C. A&T, I have had some phenomenal professors; professors that really took the time to make sure that you are striving for your best academically and personally. That is why it breaks my heart to be in a classroom where another student is disrespecting a professor.

It is not an easy job being a professor. On top of teaching a class, the professor has to plan lessons, and grade assignments, all while maintaining their personal life and taking care of their families.

My hope is that students will take into consideration the energy that is inquired to be a professor. Our faculty is phenomenal and deserves the utmost respect in and outside of the classroom.

The College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Student Advisory Board is sponsoring a panel discussion on disruptive behavior in the classroom. The event will be held on Wednesday March 4th at 4 p.m. in the General Classroom Building Auditorium. The panel discussion is free and open to the public.

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