Aggie Seniors Begin to Feel Effects of Senioritis

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Myja GaryRegister Contributor:

Here at N.C. A&T, the graduating senior class can be considered a separate entity from the other classes.

Graduating seniors are preparing for the GRE, registering for graduation, and applying for jobs and graduate school. Aside from graduation preparation, senioritis has definitely made its mark as it spreads throughout Aggieland.

Senioritis is a virus that affects seniors. Some of the symptoms include, sleeping in class, missing class, missing homework assignments, procrastination, nonchalant attitudes, wearing sweat clothes often, and excessive partying.

I pose the question: has senioritis really affected our Aggies who are graduating? If so, how are they dealing?

Rachel Bivens, a senior supply chain management student from Charlotte, N.C. has taken the appropriate steps to prepare for graduation. In summer 2013, she was fortunate enough to secure a job with Sam’s Club Corporate Office as a Replenishment Manager.

“I’m just making sure that I have everything in order,” Bivens said. “There’s a checklist I go through daily to be sure that I have everything lined up for graduation.”

However, Bivens is sure that senioritis is real and believes that, as she gets closer to the finish line, it is kicking in.

“Senioritis has made me a little lazy,” said Bivens.

“Because I knew I would walk across the stage with a job, I wasn’t really concerned anymore because I got what I came here for with a host of other student activities, honor societies, and other achievements under my belt.”

Bivens recognized exactly how senioritis was affecting her and she was able to conquer it because she decided to finish the race strong.

“I was once told that, “If you’re maintaining, you’re declining in truth,” Bivens said. “So I didn’t want to maintain and just be content that I had a job, so that helped me to shake off the senioritis.”

Stephen Jones, a senior, journalism and mass communication major from Atlanta is interning, working hard to complete 19 credit hours, and talking to companies early in order to plan for graduation. He aspires to work in promotional advertisement with a radio station or in the marketing department of a fortune 500 company. Stephen also believes that senioritis is “very real,” but he works to stay focused.

“I’m slightly over college classes, professors, and credits,” Jones said. “I just try and keep my eyes on the prize. I can’t give up before the war is complete.”

Senioritis is real, but it is important to stay strong until you reach the finish line.