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I got the email Easter Sunday, while I was sitting at my keyboard in church. I just so happened to look over at my phone and see the name on the screen with an email that I had been awaiting for almost two weeks.

It was the answer from a fall internship program in Washington D.C. for which I applied and interviewed for.

My heart dropped. I eagerly opened the email, expecting to see the answer that I had prayed and fasted for.

“I am sorry that we are unable to offer you an internship with our program.”

Tears immediately welled up in my eyes.

I rushed into the bathroom and began to cry. I called my mother, and cried some more. I went back into my church, grabbed my purse and keys, got in my car, and cried some more. I got back to my apartment, cried some more. I went to my mom’s apartment, and cried even more.

I was crushed.

I literally wanted to give up. Hurt was an understatement. My confidence in myself and in the future of my career began to diminish just with the simple opening of one email.

I began to strategize a plan B. Something that I could do instead of my dream career, since it seemed at the time that I was not good enough.

The truth is, my faith is very strong. I am the one who encourages all of my friends. I am supposed to know what to do in these types of situations. And I do.

However, when it is the third time in a year that you have had a huge let down, things tend to become a little harder.

I am so used to winning, and doing well in things that I pursue.

Granted, I have a few let downs as most do, but never anything this major. And never this many major let downs in such close proximity.

After a few hours of shedding many tears, and one long nap, I began to think. Everything that I know began to resurface to the top of my mind.

Life is not going to be easy. In fact, life is going to be hard. Doors will close but that does not mean that you have to stop trying to open them.

You will fall, bump your head, and get hurt. You will cry, but that is because you are human. Never stay down. Pick yourself up and try again. Keep pushing yourself.

You may not get the internship or the position that you wanted, but that does not mean your worth decreases. It just means that that specific position was not meant for your current situation. Try something else.

As we approach the end of the semester, do not let the stress of trying to do your best, keep you from doing your best.

Keep pushing, knowing that your end is almost near. Understand that no matter what happens, there is a plan in mind for your life.

Trust in the process, realizing that your tests will produce a testimony. You will be successful.

And if you do not do as best as you would have hoped, try to do better next semester. Never stop trying. You did not make it to this point in your life to only give up.

Remember that as you are encouraging yourself; spread inspiration to others as well.

Your story is a key that can unlock someone else’s prison. Everyone you meet is going through their own personal battle that you know nothing about.

Keep your head up. Smile. Dream big and work hard. Your outcome will be greater than your struggle. And never forget: you are important.

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  • LACI OLLISON, Register Reporter