The ‘Resurrection’ of sci-fi television

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Imagine living countless years with a family member who passed away and suddenly the deceased starts to reappear. ABC’s new hit sci-fi thriller, “Resurrection,” has the entertainment world buzzing.

In the first episode, viewers are introduced to a young boy named Jacob Langston. Following Jacob’s introduction, immigration agent J. Martin Bellamy, who has been given the responsibility to find Jacob’s parents, is introduced. The series is set in Arcadia, Mo., a town full of secrets that are revealed only when the dead reappear. In this episode, when Jacob gets home, he finds that his parents Lucille and Henry have changed dramatically.

Jacob’s parents do not greet him in their usual manner, and the suspiciousness of the show begins. The whole town starts asking questions and is frightened because of Jacob’s mysterious reappearance.  

The second episode starts immediately where the first left off. This time, however, Caleb Richards returns from the dead. Richards has no recollection of having the heart attack he had the previous year.

Ray and Elaine Richards are emotionally torn from the return of their father. Henry Langston struggles facing the fact that after 32 years, his son out appears out of nowhere.

With the dead rising slowly, it raises concerns for a community who looks to Pastor Tom to make sense of what is going on.

The show does a great job of balancing the viewpoints of those who were emotionally affected by the passing of family members. This new series has a lot of good plot twists, but the show does have its dull moments.

An all-star line up of actors and actresses shows the casting director knew exactly which people to put together to make “Resurrection” spark. Omar Epps plays an optimistic, yet serious immigration agent, J. Martin Bellamy .

Frances Fisher plays Lucille Langston, the medical doctor of Arcadia. Kurtwood Smith of “That 70’s Show” plays Henry Langston, the troubled parent. While Matt Craven, Samaire Armstrong, and Devin Kelley round out the rest of the cast.

“Resurrection” has received some decent reviews. According to Metacritic, “Resurrection” received average reviews at best. Rotten Tomatoes held a 53 percent rating with an average rating of 57 percent out of 100 reviews.

As long as the plot and characters continue to surprise the audience, “Resurrection” will be successful. The show will thrive as more characters are revealed, which will help capture the audience’s attention every episode.

“Resurrection” airs on ABC every Sunday at 9 p.m.

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