20 Questions_March 17, 2010

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1. Did you hear that Sarah Palin said her father used to smuggle her into Canada to take advantage of their single payer health care?

2. So does that mean she benefitted off of what she opposes now?

3. Does she really add any credibility to FOX news?

4. Do you even know who Sarah Palin is?

5. If not, have you ever heard of Google?

6. Do you know about the current health care bill Pres. Obama is trying to get pushed through?

7. If not, and once again, have you ever heard of Google?

8. Even though they won the ACC, would it be unfair to call Duke the FOX news of the ACC?

9. How many Tar heels are going to watch their team in the NIT?

10. How disappointing was the Lady Aggies loss to South Carolina State?

11. Don’t you wish you could give those girls a hug and some encouragement for next season ‘cause you still believe?

12. Aren’t you glad that James Porter is done playing basketball for us?

13. Does he really think he will make the NBA?

14. Won’t they have to look at game footage?

15. Do you know who you are voting for yet?

16. Are you tired of the Facebook group/Twitter follow requests already?

17.  Have you actually talked to any of the candidates?

18. Do you know their platforms?

19.  Are you even going to vote?

20. Can we have a controversy-free election this time?