Lady Aggies beats FAMU in series

The Lady Aggies softball team won the series this past weekend against Savannah State. The Aggies picked up their first win against the Lady Tigers, with a score of 9-3 on Saturday at 1pm.

The Lady Aggies started the first inning strong with four runs made by infielder Zebresha Blakeney, outfielder Detavia Kenan, infielder Jax Kaye Woodard, and short stop Alejandra Barcenas. In innings two and three, the Aggies did not bring in any runs, but that changed in the fourth, fifth and sixth innings. This game was a start to a successful season for the Lady Aggies who won two out of three games against Savannah State.

In Saturday’s 3:30 game against Savannah, the Lady Aggies lost 4-6. The first inning started off with the Lady Tigers scoring a run. The Lady Aggies did not score a run until the fifth inning. Outfielder Tiffany Macklin struck out swinging in the fifth inning and Blakeney walked. Kenan hit a triple to right center field causing an RBI for Blakeney who scored. Barcenas singled to left field, which also resulted in a RBI helping Keenan score. Woodard struck out swinging and Edmonds caught an error.  

The Lady Aggies scored two more runs in the seventh inning. Blakeney singled to left field and Keenan then hit a ground ball which helped Blakeney advance to second base. Blakeney was able to advance to third base due to a bad pitch.  Barcenas went up to bat but struck out swinging. The Aggies fought hard but it was not enough to overcome the Lady Tigers who scored a run in the second inning and five consecutive runs in the third, making the final score 4-6. 

In the third and final game on Sunday, the Lady Aggies came back with a win of 13-5. This win helped the Lady Aggies take the weekend series. The Aggies started off strong with three runs in the first inning. 

The biggest plays occurred in the fourth inning. The Lady Aggies rallied six runs. Woodard hit a home run to center field causing an RBI. Edmonds walked and advanced to second base.

 Mackling pinch ran for Edmonds and stole third. Smith hit a pop fly out to second base. Mcneil walked and advanced to second base because of a bad pitch. Dominguez hit a single to center field making two RBI’s possible for Mcneil and Macklin who both scored. 

Blakeney walked as Dominguez advanced to second base. Keenan hit a single to center field allowing Blakeney to advance to second base and Dominguez to third. A pitch that resulted in a RBI hit Barcenas. Keenan advanced to second base, Blakeney advanced to third and Dominguez scored. Woodard then singled to center field helping Barcenas advance to second base, and Keenan to third as Blakeney scored.

Edmonds would then hit a single to center field, as Woodard advance to second and Barcenas to third as Keenan scored.  In the fifth inning, the Lady Aggies had one more run made by Smith making the score 13-5 and securing the Lady Aggies weekend series against Savannah State.


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  • Meagan Jordan, Register Reporter