“Aggie Growth” instead of “Aggie Hoes”

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Have you ever said, “She’s basic,” “I’m not trying to be her man, I’m trying to be the man,” or “I will ruin your life,” then congratulations, Aggies you have now graduated from physical slavery to mental slavery.You have successfully mastered how to enslave your own minds and communities by focusing on kicking each other down instead of picking each other up.It doesn’t bother you that the rest of the world expects less of you, because as long as every guy on campus wants you or the neighbors know your name, you’re content sipping on that Gucci lemonade all day. You are officially selfish and ignorant to your own downfall.This past week A&T students encountered a Facebook page called “Aggie Hoes,” that consisted of photos of students and captions stating “so called” facts about their sexual life. Although many students disagreed with the behavior, they continued to add the profile as a friend and comment on photos laughing and even promoting the page.I look around at all of us attending an HBCU and learning about our history, our strides, our struggle, yet the first thing we tend to do is slander and throw one another under the bus in an attempt to make a statement.The common factor is selfishness, an action that has become way too common in many of our lives and communities. The reason we see so much destruction and depression amongst ourselves is because of selfishness.  We are so stuck in an “I” mindset instead of a “we” mindset. It is time that we start taking responsibility for each other and stop self-destruction.The mysterious student slandering students on the Aggie Hoes page needed to be reminded that those actions were unacceptable.  That means all of us Aggies who giggled or were entertained by this act need to be checked. Would it have been that entertaining if it would have been you?If we can’t take responsibility for our own peers, why should other schools and institutions take us seriously if we don’t take pride in our own reputation? If we go around calling ourselves “sluts” and “hoes” we should not be shocked when other people and cultures find it OK to do the same. We have to take responsibility and correct each other and encourage a unified stand about respecting one another.  Campus could be so much better if students and organizations thought as a “we” mindset. I’m not talking about any specific organization; this is directed to every student organization on campus.In our own SGA e-board, the disappointment in performance did not come with the mistakes that were made such as the Homecoming Concert or the embezzlement problem, but the lack of unity.If each member would have taken on the mindset that each action represented the entire board many things could have been prevented.There is no such thing as holding one position anymore. Any E-board member must not only fulfill position requirements, but should take pride in ensuring that every other member is fulfilling their duties also. When one person messes up we all mess, so it is your duty to stand behind each other instead of being the first one to cast a stone.Students it is also your responsibility to make your student leaders do their job.  If you do not demand the best leadership, the product will not be its best.It is the individual’s personal duty to stop competing against each other for a title, popularity or any other temporary satisfaction. Stop being concerned about being the baddest chick and start being concerned about empowering the female student body.Lady Aggies, we fight and speak so low about each other and then gasp when males assume the worst about us. Men, stop fighting each other to see who is the better man and start acting like the better man. If you are both reaching for the same star be the ladder for one another and stop taking fast routes to get rich or die trying, because we’re dying.This selfish mindset is the very root of our destruction.  When black communities flourished it was due to a community mindset.One business was everyone’s business, one child was everyone’s child, and one leader was everyone’s leader. There was no such thing as praying for yourself, you prayed for the betterment of the community. The streets were safe for the community, not for individuals. Education was encouraged to every child, not just scholars. Pride was a mindset to share, not to boast on.A commander is powerless without troops. It is time we take responsibility for our leaders, for each other and for ourselves.  If we don’t correct our own communities, what makes you think the world is going to do it with any good intentions? 


  • Ashley Reid