Looking ‘Affordably Cute’ on Campus

Attention ladies! Want to be cute for the low? I have some tips for you spend less money and still look cute!

Tip 1: Everything Matte Doesn’t Have to be Mac!

NYX Cosmetics offers some great matte lipstick with various colors from Nude, to Shocking Pink, to Pure Red, to Siren (which is a purple wine color), and many other colors. They also offer a soft matte lip cream that comes in a cute lip gloss tube with colors named after different cities ranging from Tokyo, to Milan, to Cairo, to Transylvania, etc. NYX lip products are long lasting and of good quality. Their matte lipsticks and matte lip cream colors are offered at the very low price of $6. (Compared to Mac $15)

Tip 2: Everything that glitters doesn’t have to be expensive.

Ladies, nice looking Michael Kors watches are in style now, but not everyone has Michael Kors money. Want a cheaper option but with the same expensive look? Charlotte Russe has watches that shine and are similar in style to the expensive ones. These watches range from $15-$30. This is very affordable compared to Michael Kors $275 starting price.

Tip 3: 99 cents goes a long way.

Do you need new lipstick, eyeliner or lip liner? Do you have 99 cents? If you answered yes to both of those questions, your local beauty supply store has exactly what you need. Beauty supply stores have multiple lipsticks, eyeliners and lip liners all for the low price of 99 cents! They have a variety of lipstick colors from Midnight Black, Lavender Tint, to Satin Glow. For eye and lip liners, beauty supply stores hold the basics; purple, pink, black, brown, etc. If you have 99 cents, your lipstick can be poppin!

Tip 4: More for your buck: The Thrift Store

We all can’t be 21 forever, nor can we all afford the latest trends at H&M, but a few dollars can go a long way at your local thrift store. You can get designer items such as, Ralph Lauren polo shirts for $3 and Tommy Hilfiger shorts for $7. Thrift stores offer a wide variety of styles and sizes at very affordable prices. Why take your last few dollars and spend it on one item at popular stores like Forever 21 and H&M when you can spend it at a thrift store and buy several items?

Tip 5: Simple Cute!

My all-time favorite look, what I call “Simple Cute”, is the simple things that never go out of style! V-neck t-shirts paired with jeans will always be in style. You can dress them up with a blazer, a nice pair of heels, a cute lipstick, and nice accessories to make them look classy or you can dress the down by simply throwing on a pair of Chuck Taylors. Always keep a white V-neck t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans in your closet, it’s a must!

Tip 6: Natural is FREE!

Ladies, natural hair is in! It’s a movement! Will you please down the perm box and pick up a spray bottle and jar of leave in conditioner? It’s cheaper! Why spend over $100 on hair that isn’t yours when you grow hair out of your head for free? Natural hair requires a lot of time and maintenance, but it’s worth it! All you need is a spray bottle that you can purchase for $1 at the Dollar Store and some leave-in conditioner starting at $4 depending on the brand and size of the product, a brush, and a wide tooth comb. On a bad hair day, you can easily put your hair in a low bun giving you that classy look. Natural hair is free hair! It can’t get any better than that!

Tip 7: Promotional codes

I know you may be tired of giving your email to the cashier when you are checking out at your favorite clothing or shoe store, but it will come in handy. Receiving a bunch of emails from retail stores everyday may be annoying but some of those emails will be your favorite notification of the day! Some of those emails have promotional codes that will save you money! The best ones are, “FREE SHIPPING NO MINIMUM” or “20% off” If you don’t receive emails with promo codes, be sure to look some up before making purchases. It’s always a good feeling when you save money!

Tip 8: Recycle your outfit

No one has enough clothes to wear without recycling an outfit. You are bound to recycle an outfit at least once and that is perfectly fine! When you do it, you can either wear it the same way you wore it the first time or you can add or take away from it. You can add accessories, such as a hat, belt, or jewelry to make it look like an entirely new outfit. You can also change your shoes! Shoes play a big part in the outfit you wear! If you wore heels the first time, you may want to switch it up and wear tennis shoes instead, which will give you a more relaxed look. Recycling your outfits and switching up how you wear it is very resourceful. Sometimes people never know it’s the same outfit you wore before.

Tip 9: Clearance rack

When shopping online or in the store, always start with the clearance rack! It makes sense to start with the cheaper options! The clearance rack is the best during the switch of the seasons because stores have to get rid of the clothes they didn’t sell to make room for incoming shipments. During this time is when you will find things retailed at half price or discounted up to 70%! While shopping online or in the store look for the SALE sign.

Tip 10: Someone else’s closet

9 times out of 10, everyone has one friend or family member that is their size, whether it be in shoes or clothes. It’s always fun to go shopping in your friend’s closet! Establish an understanding with your friend, sister, mom, or aunt, that, as far as clothes goes, what’s theirs is yours! The majority of the times your friends and relatives have the same taste in clothes as you do, so they will have things in their closet you would like to wear! The best way to shop is in your friend’s closet first. It’s free and you don’t have to stand in the long lines at the stores.

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