How to Create Balance to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

College is a whirlpool of people, activities, academics and social life. These four years (or more) become a testing ground of character and development. Learning how to manage your time and energy is the college experience. With heavy course loads, multiple extra-curricular interests, and an abundance of social distractions, an important concept for college students to understand is having and maintaining balance. As a freshman, I walked around campus miserable. I was overwhelmed and confused about my future. My mind stayed in a constant negative trance. I knew that in order to gain sanity, I could not allow myself to aimlessly float around campus in a cloud of complaints. My collegiate savior became my self-achieved balance. By definition, balance is an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. As a student, balance is distributing your energy in a manner that keeps your head leveled and your spirit calm in order to spark positive outcomes to all situations.

Stay Positive.

Peer drama, unorganized professors, unpleasant school employees and the infamous Aggie Shuffle can all be sources of mind-cluttering stress and negativity. In order to release negative encounters, you must center yourself in a pool of positivity. Surround yourself with good people who want to see the good in you. Create relationships with professors so that they are willing to help you excel academically. Find hobbies that you are passionate about and turn them into productive extra-curricular activities. Smile constantly and talk to your peers. Keeping a positive outlook on your college experience will allow you to create positive outcomes.

Set Goals.

In college, it is easy to be caught into day by day living. It becomes difficult for many students to look past their assignments due at 11:59, but completing assignments should not be the only goals we have set for ourselves. As students, we must set academic, career, and personal goals. Gain an idea on the journey you plan to embark on after college and line your college experience to help you achieve it. For example, set goals to be a prominent member in a club related to your major, or to learn something new. You can even decide to network and meet new people. Set goals that are placed to help succeed in the future so you can walk out of your college experience with no regrets.

Take out time for yourself.

As students and adults we must learn to prioritize our well-being. In order to achieve this, we must steal some time for ourselves. Whether it be your room, the library, or a bench outside, give yourself an hour a day to be completely alone. Once you find your on campus oasis, use this place to sit and reflect. College is a time for you to learn about yourself. Use this time to reflect on your day, to set goals, or to resolve issues you may have. Think about what makes you happy each day so that you may remember these moments. Set this time aside for prayer or meditation. Clear your mind during that moment so you may find a calm and peace to have for the remainder of the day. Balancing the collegiate energies of stress, excitement, frustration, and enjoyment is difficult but also rewarding. By keeping a positive outlook, setting goals for yourself, and spending time loving yourself, you will find a true balance that will prepare for any energy that moves your way.

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