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1. The Career Fair? 2. Chicken and waffles in the cafe? 3. Miami for Spring Break? 4. Everybody hitting the gym the week before break? 5. Nobody in the gym the week after? 6. Seeing the same swimsuits at the beach? 7. Seeing your entire class? 8. Teachers giving projects the week before break? 9. Balling with refund checks and tax refunds? 10. Poetic Justice braids? 11. Quick weaves and bundles? 12. People not showing up for group meetings, but you run into each other in Miami? 13. Test dates getting pushed back to after break? 14. Library packed after Spring Break? 15. Midterm grades? 16. Basketball Wives LA? 17.Real Housewives of Atlanta? 18. Counting down the days until “Scandal?” 19. The season finale of “Being Mary Jane?” 20. Inclement weather?