Spring Break Edition: How to lose your girl before Spring Break

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When you think about Spring Break, two things that come to mind are freedom and flings.

How can you have either if you have the old ball and chain at home?

Without a girlfriend, you can do almost anything guilt free.

Staying out late, flirting, not checking in, waking up whenever and planning your own itinerary are a few of the luxuries of a singles’ spring break.  

It is time to break loose and have some fun.

It is not hard to break up with your girlfriend.

One thing that needs to be considered is whether you want to get back together after spring break.

If you want to get back together, do not result to drastic measures.

Distance yourself from her, that always sends red flags.

Start dumb arguments when around her.

Being rude in public, not listening to her when she talks, and telling her how she reminds you of your mom are sure ways to start an argument.

If she does not break up with you by the end of the argument, just tell her it is over.

If you are not interested in getting back together after the break up, there are many tatics you can do to burn the bridges.

Talk about her family. There is a rule that only family members can talk about their family, no one else.

Call her your ex’s name repeatedly or confess to cheating.

You can even get a friend to play along who can tell on you if you do not want to just come out and say it.

Also, start comparing her to your ex, but put your ex in a better light or say how she reminds you of all the bad things your ex did.

How about just completely cutting her off?

After five days, text her and say the relationship it is over. Don’t give her an explanation.

Heads up, you might have to change your number after this.

If this is too harsh, you can tone it down a notch.

Make excuses like you are going through some things and need time a part.

Maybe you do not have time for a girlfriend or you’re not ready to be serious.

Now that you are in the middle of the semester, you may have a lot on your plate.

It might be best if you break up.

You can tell her you need time to reevaluate yourself or the relationship.

Tell her, “It’s not you, it’s me” and explain how she is not what you are looking for.

If you want to flip the script and blame her for the break up, tell her you saw her flirting. Accuse her of cheating.

Your weak proof could be how slow she texts back, that she always calls late or guys do not have late night conversations anymore.

End it by telling her she has changed and you can not trust her anymore.

Keep this rude trend going by breaking up through a text message, in a short note, over the phone, in a very public place or write her a letter with lyrics to a break up song and sign it with “bye.”

A simple, “it’s over” always works too.

Ladies, do not feel bad if this happens to you.

 Let him ponder trying to come up with the perfect break-up plan while you get dolled up and make arrangements to spend spring break with the girls, taking in all of the sweet eye-candy.

If you need to do the breaking up, some of these strategies can work for you too.

Hey, I will not tell if you will not.

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  • Kim Fields, Register Reporter