Couture V-Day festivites

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Last week, Couture Productions held two Valentine’s Day events in Stallings Ballroom, to bring out the lover in all of us.

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, the Dance sector of Couture held “The Moving Art” and on Thursday, Feb. 15, the Word sector held “Words n’ Love.” Both events displayed the ups, downs, and discrepancies that could come with love.

“We wanted to show that love is diverse and that even in the worst times, you can come out stronger” said Bria Campbell, dance coordinator for Couture Dance. That’s exactly what they did. They captivated the crowed with a full playlist of love songs from Aaliyah to Eminem, passionate dancing skills, and engaging skits to compliment the evening.

Towards the end, Couture’s dance alumni were brought on stage to revive an old routine. Needless to say, the revival was short-lived with alumni who chose to exit stage left within seconds of the routine, but it was all in the spirit of fun and the vibe remained amatory.

“I like the music selections. My favorite dancers are the members of Rhythmic Magnifiso,” says Reginald Hux, a sophomore international studies and diplomacy major.

Couture Word had a bit of a spin on their exploration of love using a therapy sessions with ‘Dr. Love’ to tell their stories.

“We all have problems” began Dr. Love, played by Tray McCaskill. Dr. Love is secretly having an affair with his secretary but even more interesting are the lives of his clients.

One client didn’t have enough money to keep his love alive, another had a salacious love interest, a couple had hidden secrets from each other, and everyone else had been betrayed by love. All of these problems were illustrated through heart-felt spoken word pieced and full ranged singing vocals.

Both events had their crowds yelling “Go AWF” a signature sign to prove their hard work was a success. When asked which event he preferred, Jovonnie King , a sociology and JOMC dual major responded, “I liked Dance more because there was more alumni and it was hyped non-stop, which is what we like. There was no silence.”

Couture Productions will be hosting a Gym-Jam on Feb. 22 in Moore Gym. Tickets are on sale now, $3 for A&T students and $5 for non-A&T students. Also, catch Couture’s modeling sector on Thursday, Feb. 28 for their show “Rip The Runway,” a spin-off of B.E.T.’s yearly fashion display. Tickets are on sale now for $3.

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  • Stephanie Banaci and Jamilah Sheppard, Contributors