Provocative clothing gone wild on campus

Women in this generation, especially those on college campuses, are wearing more provocative and tighter clothes.

Though these outfits help gain 100+ likes on Instagram, it questions a woman’s intellect and morals.

Not all women who wear less clothing have unethical tendencies. The yearning for attention and acceptance from the opposite sex or to be envied by the same sex is more detrimental then beneficial.

Why is it easy to call a woman who wears provocative clothing out of her name, but commend the preacher’s wife for wearing a naughty dress to the BET Awards?

No disrespect to Meagan Good. Her dress was stunning, but is it fair that society deems her dress acceptable because she is a celebrity?

Because fashion trends constantly change, some women misconstrue a celebrity’s fashion tease, and try to incorporate the “naughty girl” look as a part of their everyday life.

Failing to realize that there is a time and place for everything. According to a study done by the Girl Scout Institute, seventy-two percent of females who are regular viewers of reality T.V. spend majority of their time focusing on their appearance. Seventy-four percent of these viewers also feel that it is necessary to compete for a guy’s attention.

Of these viewers, the study showed that they are more confident than non-viewers.

The study also showed that viewers were more likely to take on leadership roles because they are self-assured.

ABC reported that women who dress provocatively and are in leadership positions have hostile emotions and lack intelligence.

Although most women have no intention of conveying a particular message by dressing provocatively, the message they convey is seen as inappropriate.

Throughout many campuses, there are women who aspire to be CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

With these aspirations, it is important to maintain a level of professionalism, starting in the classroom.

For some, being featured on Instagram on “Woman Crush Wednesday” is more important than joining an organization that will benefit them in the future.

Every year there appears to be an unannounced fashion show in the cafeteria of who can wear the skimpiest clothing with the highest heels.

No! What you wear, or in this case do not wear, has nothing to do with your character. Image is everything!

Not wearing clothes is not the only way to make a statement. It is important that people, especially ladies, find other ways to express themselves.

Ladies, do not expect for guys, professors or even prospective jobs to take you seriously, when all you can offer is your “body party.” People want substance.

No one will focus on how intelligent you are if they are only focused on how naked you are?

Being “sexy” is about more than having men whistle out of their cars.

There is a time for everything. A lady must know when to exchange her “freakum dress” for a pantsuit.

Being able to differentiate the times is “sexy!”

Sandy Dumont, president of the Image Architect Consulting Firm said it best, “If you have to flaunt it, it tells people that you are not qualified and you have to use something else to get ahead.”

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  • Meagan Jordan, Word Editor