My First NC A&T SU Game Experience

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As a college freshman, one of the most exciting events to attend is your very first home football game. Yes, we’ve all been to a high school foot- ball game, who hasn’t? But there is nothing like a college game, especially at N.C. A&T.

What better way to repre- sent and support you school than to cheer your football team, cheerleaders, and band along on the field? The ac- tion on the field, the halftime show, and the time spent with

friends is the best way to pass time on a Saturday afternoon. When I first arrived to N.C. A&T, I was ecstatic about be- coming an Aggie. I had so much school pride. I cherished chants such as the “Can I get an AGGIE PRIDE” call and re- sponse. I was so excited for my first football game as an Aggie. My girls and I made sure we were ready with our school paraphernalia. We bought N.C. A&T shirts from the school book store, and cut them up in different designs to make them our own. I even painted my stomach with “AGGIE PRIDE”

in blue and gold. This was the first time ever painted my body, and I enjoyed the experience.

The game was thrill- ing and exciting. There was laughter, joy, and special memories created with great friends and sociable peers.

The stadium was filled with many students showing support and cheering on our team. The football team left victorious. The band did an awesome show at half time where they played with authority, and Golden Delight danced like never before. The smell of delicious food and the sound of people cheering Aggie

Pride created a titillating atmo- sphere that I will never forget. My first football game as a student, is an experience I will always treasure. N.C. A&T football games have been, since that day, one of the most enjoyed parts of my college experience. I hope that all Ag- gies will find that same joy each time they step into the stadium.

Bria Bonner – Contributor

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