New academic building officially open; it will house three separate programs


campus of North Carolina A&T is continuously growing and it is

evident through the opening of a new academic building.

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>The campus of North

Carolina A&T is continuously growing and it is evident through

the opening of a new academic building.

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Dozens of individuals

gathered in front of the New Academic building Sept. 15 for the

ribbon-cutting of this 88,000 square-foot facility.

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>“A&T has always been

a place for first-timers and big-timers,” said Patricia Zollar,

Board of Trustees vice chairwoman, in her greeting while explaining

the areas that are housed in the building.

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>This new building will

house the university’s Center for Academic Excellence, the Office

of International Programs and the Honors Program.

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Representatives of

A&T, such as SGA President Christian Robinson and Chancellor

Harold Martin, welcomed the intimate audience to the outdoor

occasion and shared words of gratitude.

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>The Honors Program is

located on the building’s main floor, the Office of International

Programs can be found on the second floor, and the Center of

Academic Excellence is on the third floor.

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Chancellor Martin said

that ,“with the alignment of some of the most important student

support programs on this campus, this environment creates a place

that is the hub for, in my mind, student success on this campus in

the freshmen and sophomore years.”

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Tameka Alston, a senior

graphic communications student, said, “I love the building. I love

the ceilings, the open floor plan; I just love everything about it,

the stairways, the lighting, all of the aspects.”

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Kevin Turner, from the

architecture firm The Freelon Group and designer for the project,

explained that, “right from the first day we were looking to make

this building as comfortable and energy-efficient as we could, and

then we selected materials in the building that are environmentally


“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Noting the “green”

aspects of the space, Alston also said, “I was very impressed,

especially learning you can grow greenery and trees and things on

the rooftop.”

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>“This is an exciting

building,” said program manager for construction Mason

Kenyon.  “Honestly, you can see the different shapes

in the building. It’s a tough building to build and I give it to

Freelon, they designed a very beautiful space. But as far as the

construct ability, it’s a tough building”

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Joseph Daniels, a junior

and a member of the Honors Program, said, “I am proud to be an

Aggie seeing all of this growth. It symbolizes that A&T has not

become stagnant so it continues to grow and as we continue to grow

and be better then the future for tomorrow is going to be a lot

brighter for us.”

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Dr. Tracey Ford,

director of the Center of Academic Excellence, said, “It feels like

this is our building. I get to manage our building and that is the

wonderful part about it because what we’re really looking for is a

collaboration with our students our faculty and staff so that this

is the place where all of us can thrive.

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Where teachers can be

better teachers and students can be better learners.”

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>The Assistant Vice

Chancellor of Facilities, Andrew M. Perkins, Jr., is responsible

for all construction on campus and has been for the past 11


“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>“I’m very pleased I was

able to lend my minor expertise,” Perkins said.

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Perkins worked with all

parties in the project, from designers to construction contractors.

He said it was “extremely important for our University that we can

show that we do attract the best and brightest.”

“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>Churchill Banks III, the

project architect said, “I want the students to come here and use

this as a tool to get to the next level. Similar to what all of the

speakers said today, it is an extension of your tool


“line-height: 120%; font-family: Calibri;”>I mean a carpenter is

only as good as his tools and this building will be


  • Courtney Jackson Contributor