Great news for new authors – e-books explode as No. 1 format in publishing

The American Association of Publishers recently reported that e-book sales have surpassed trade categories of hardcover, paperback and mass market books. For up and coming authors, this is great news.

The proliferation of e-publishing and the adoption of e-books have helped new writers and midlist authors reach e-readers, who are more likely to invest $10 or less in an unknown talent. Consequently, relative unknowns now have a chance to compete with big-name authors.

Where does a writer begin to publish his or her work? Reputable self publishers are a great place to start the publishing process. Quality self-publishing companies will allow you to keep full ownership of the e-book you publish. By reviewing one of the e-books they have edited, you will be able to get a more comprehensive understanding about the way they format and edit their work. Consider downloading a sample chapter to understand a specific book publishing company’s capabilities.

Self-publishing companies are designed to help you get your book on the market without limiting your creativity as a writer. Quality self-publishing companies allow you to maintain creative control through editing, proofreading, cover design and page layout processes. As an author, you also have control over book pricing, distribution, and marketing of your book.

When exploring self-publishing companies, only choose one that can offer you creative support through the following personnel:

* Publishing consultants – to help you identify and set realistic self-publishing goals

* Author assistants – to support you by answering any questions you may have about the self-publishing process

* Editors – to ensure your book is of the highest editorial standard

* Designers – to help you encapsulate the essence of your book visually

* Illustrators – to help your book come alive through one-of-a-kind illustrations

* Marketing consultants – to aid in developing a strategic marketing plan for your self-published book

Your creativity should never be limited by a self-publishing company, and neither should your exposure. As the e-book trend continues to grow, it is even more important for you to find self-publishing companies that can print your book in a digital format. Some of the more popular e-book sites and apps include:






* iBook

The more exposure you can gain for your self-published book, the more likely you are to find an audience. Learn more about the benefits of self-publishing your e-book today.