Remaining Successful as Midterms Approach

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College is a place for a person to succeed in furthering his or her career and goals. Often, college students do not have a set plan to abide by, which leaves them struggling in their pursuit of collegiate success. In order for one to achieve as a college student, one must have set rules and priorities for themselves that they take seriously and adhere to. Here are some tips to help students achieve a successful college life.


Listen! The first step is often the hardest, but once you take it, the ride gets so much easier! You HAVE to be self-motivated with everythingin order to meet your goals in life. You have to be your biggest cheerleader. Having self-motivation will help you strive to do your best even when you are at your lowest. Once you establish self-motivation within yourself, you are going to feel like you are IT! It’s an amazing feeling!


Now that we have the hardest part out the way, things will become easier. Yes, we all got into N.C. A&T, and y’all know our school is poppin’; but it doesn’t pop because of the ‘LIT’ parties we throw, it pops because we get our work done. Afterall, that’s what Aggies do! We all have classes, extracurricular activities, social lives and “side-hustles” some of y’all have to make a little extra money, with all the things you’re doing, you need to manage time! Do things that are most important first. That means, homework BEFORE Love & Hip Hop on Monday’s, BEFORE Bad Girls Club on Tuesday’s, BEFORE Empire on Wednesday’s, BEFORE Scandal on Thursday’s, and BEFORE you spend Friday thru Sunday with bae!


From the friend drama, to academics, down to financial aid, college can be stressful in several aspects. But you can’t let these things stress you out, stress is a killer! Take a break and find things to do that calm you down when you’re feeling stressed. Take a walk. Read a book. Listen to Shy Glizzy. Do whatever makes you stress free. Oh, and I can’t forget this new stress free tip I learned this semester from my African American Literature teacher, Professor Randolph, “C’s get degrees”. Sounds bad but it’s true. Just let that sink in.

Cornesha Rajah – Reporter

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