Mister and Miss A&T Pageant

The Turner Administration held the first annual Inaugural Mister and Miss North Carolina A&T State University Pageant in Harrison Auditorium on March 12.

Last year, the pageant was supposed to premiere but the Tate Administration’s senate had come across some problems putting it into the constitution. This year Isiah Guinyard, current vice president of Internal Affairs, tackled the problems and helped implement the pageant into the constitution.

Mister and Miss A&T are usually selected to become the university’s primary ambassadors and have to represent themselves accordingly.  

Ambriya Neal, Miss A&T, said, “Being Mister and Miss A&T are more ceremonial than anything. It is extremely important that they [are] able to speak well and carry themselves in a manner in which the university would approve.”

Neal went on to say that Mister and Miss A&T have to compete in pageants against other HBCU kings and queens, so this pageant is great preparation for contestants.

Four males and seven females came out to compete in the pageant. Only three males and three females were chosen in the end to be able to start their campaigns for their position.

Bryan Miller, James Bowen II, and Brenden Kee are the candidates for Mister A&T. Britney Newton, Jordan Outing, and Madison Gibbs are the candidates for Miss A&T. Five contestants were eliminated from the running at the pageant: four female and one male.

Auditors tallied the votes and now the fate of all candidates is in the students’ hands.

Voting begins on Wednesday, March 26 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Voting can be done online or in Exhibit Hall.

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  • Taylor Young, Register Reporter