Own your space, It’s where you’ll create!

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According to UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute, college students spend between 6 and 10 hours studying each week. 

If we are spending that much time chained to our desks shouldn’t our work space be cultivating our creativity? Our desk shouldn’t be a place where graded assignments go to die, rather a space that inspires you to create, which ultimately leads to productivity. With that being said: Own your space, it’s where you create!

Think: “at home office.”  Your desk is not just a fixture in your room but a spot for you to plot greatness. So how can you create an at home office in your dorm or apartment space? Well, I’ve got the answers Sway.

First, find a good spot for your desk. A corner is ideal, so when you are seated in your “at home office” the walls in front and on the side of you close you off from distractions. The walls of the corner will also create the feel of the “escape” of walking into a real office space. 

Next, keep some inspiration on hand. Sites like Etsy and Pinterest have cool quote print outs that you can prop on your desk or hang in your at home office. I just purchased a gold, foil print out of the word “Hustle” to prop on my own desk. It is an extension of my style and will remind me to stay on course. I also love the idea of having nick nacks in your office space. I keep my favorite mug on my desk and my Nas Illmatic on vinyl hung in my office corner for some extra swag.

Style your space your way. There are plenty of places online to find unique office accessories and supplies. If your office space is totally you then you will be more comfortable spending time at your desk. Your favorite clothing designer probably has office supplies as well, so your personal style can be added to your workspace. Check out poppin.com (yes, it’s a real site) for desk and office gear in almost any color. They also offer personalized supplies for reasonable prices.

I recently found a great planner for my workspace on Etsy. It is brown paper bag material and has “What Would Beyonce Do?” printed on it. Decorating your space with things that represent you is fun. Finding unique pencil holders, folders, staplers and such gets you excited about being in your workspace. ShopJeen.com has some trendy home and office supplies as well. I found some black pencils printed with “Black is the new Black” for my office on the site. See, workspace can be poppin too!

Cut down clutter. Poppin.com also has desk organization starter kits, in any color imaginable, for $25. Organization is vital to a functional workspace. You need to be able to easily access your supplies and materials. Have a place for each of the things you commonly use while working. 

Do not take up drawer space with big, bulky things like binders. Purchase a file sorter for your desktop to keep binders & books in order. Get organizers for writing utensils and other small items. Walmart has them for cheap. The key to an ideal creative workspace is organization. Minimize clutter in your home office as much as you can.

Your desk is not just a desk it is your office. Curate your workspace into something wonderful that will fuel your creativity. And if you are in need of some ideas and office inspiration, TheOfficeStylist.com is a blog that offers DIYs, tutorials and other stylish office info.

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  • Shelby Ivey Christie Scene Editor