Entrepreneurs: Try these new marketing techniques to reach customers

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(ARA) – There is a hidden message in all of the headlines about the economic difficulties over the past couple of years: salespeople’s jobs have become harder than ever. Many businesses have suffered or shut down completely because customers aren’t buying with the same enthusiasm they used to – whether those customers are everyday consumers or part of a business-to-business chain.

For individual marketers and global corporations alike, the obstacles of a down economy can be daunting. Those whose job it is to drive sales have borne a heavy burden, working as hard as possible to achieve targeted goals. Another challenge laid at their feet has been tightened resources. But even in the face of those challenges, ingenuity has continued to thrive.

It’s become more important than ever to not only find new ways to approach marketing, but to simultaneously keep costs down and streamline the process. There is simply no room for wasted resources, whether it is time or money. So, in a practical sense, what does that mean for companies fighting the good marketing fight?

1. Reach the right people. There needs to be less time spent on unwanted sales calls and marketing pieces directed at prospects that are not really interested in the product or service you’re trying to deliver.

2. Keep in touch. You don’t necessarily need to get rid of a list of prospects that weren’t quite ready to buy last time around. It’s possible to bring cold leads back to life with the help of automated lead nurturing programs from companies like Eloqua. An automated program can get things going with regular communications that keep your company on prospects’ minds. You can keep them there until they either exhibit buying behavior or opt out. And whether you’re an individual marketer or part of a larger organization, measuring and keeping track of results is that much easier when automation is in play.

3. Stay on message. Disorganization is a major pitfall when times are tight. It can be difficult to keep your team on the same page while everyone is doing everything they can to meet goals, particularly in organizations with a worldwide scope. Marketing automation can be helpful because it fosters a cohesive approach across the company. Not only will you be presenting a united front to customers on the outside, but marketing intelligence can be shared in a streamlined way within your enterprise.

To learn more about how marketing automation and lead nurturing can boost your results, sites like Eloqua.com offer a bounty of resources. The economy has shown signs of looking up, so fine-tuning your marketing strategies now will set you ahead of the pack when it comes back full force.

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