Skills a design professional needs

A bit of creativity, some talent and a vision for creating something with those skills are great attributes to have if you’re interested in becoming a design professional.

It takes a bit of education to become successful, not only in developing and creating professional designs, but also in marketing your designs to clients and selling them for a profit. You can get that education at art and design schools.

Designers are important for all sorts of careers ranging from fashion to media arts, and film and video to graphic and Web layout. Not only will an art or design degree help you develop and enhance your designing skills, it will also bring you up to speed on the latest technology and design standards in the industry.

But as you get your degree – either through a traditional school like the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) or through an online design degree, know that there are other skills you’ll need to enhance in addition to your design talents. They are:

* Social media – Social media is growing and changing almost on a daily basis, but this is an area where you can follow the latest designing trends in your career field, promote your products and efforts, and connect with people who will influence your art through the rest of your life. Start developing your social media skills on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and through a blog before you get your degree so you’ll have a head start on marketing your skills.

* Communication – If you plan to work with clients, you will need to practice your communication and listening skills. You’ll need these for discussing with your clients your ideas for the projects you’ve been commissioned to create. Consider practicing with your fellow students by “selling” your project ideas and concepts, or take a speech class to help you perfect your communication skills.

* Organization – Time management, financial management and even ordering and maintaining supplies all require one thing – organizational skills. You will need to promise – and deliver by promised deadline – projects to your clients. And you if you end up working as an entrepreneur, you will have to keep track of receipts, sending out and receiving statements and if you have anyone working under you, payroll. Even if you join a design company, staying organized will help you accomplish the work assigned to you in an expedited fashion, helping you to become a positive employee in the company.

These skills may or may not be included in the design programs available to you, so make sure you enhance these skills as you enhance your design talents on your way to earning a degree.

Information in this article was provided by the International Academy of Design and Technology. Contact IADT today if you’re interested in developing marketable knowledge and career-relevant skills with an industry-current degree program. (IADT cannot guarantee employment or salary.)