Welcome McAlister’s Deli

Students were wandering around as faculty and staff waited for the restaurant to open its doors. McAlister’s staff clapped to welcome their customers into the former Boss Webster’s area that housed Pizza Hut and Power Blendz. The space was ready to open in 85 days.

“I have never been to McAlister’s,” said Monica Allen, a junior mechanical engineering major. “I am excited.”

Many speakers were present at the ribbon cutting, but students were surprised to see Frank Paci, McAlister’s chief executive officer. “I am thrilled to see the reactions of the students here at North Carolina A&T,” Paci said. “I feel as if every customer of McAlister’s should feel like they’re at home.” 

Chancellor Martin joined students and showed off his special table.

Martin also feels that healthier eating options are important, too. “McAlister’s is an addition to dining options and quality dining service,” said Martin. He also explained that A&T competes with a variety of universities and that McAlister’s was brought to A&T because it was what the students wanted.

  “I am proud to see us open up a restaurant like McAlister’s. This is way better than fried food,” Allen said.

The students along with the faculty at A&T are health conscious and McAlister’s offers many options for those who do not wish to eat fast food.

“I’m excited, I have never been to McAlister’s before, it’s vegetarian friendly so it’s more options for me,” said Tianna Cummings, freshman economics major.

For everyone wondering if McAlister’s was established to replace Aggie Wings Angela Peterson, Auxiliary Services director, said McAlister’s is not a replacement for Aggie Wings. The McAlister’s project had nothing to do with Aggie Wings, she said.

“I loved Aggie Wings but McAlister’s is a healthier choice,” said Robert Bates a junior visual arts major. 

“It is important for us to be apart of the community,” Paci said. So the new establishment plans to do just that with quality service and interaction with all customers.

  • Jonique Lynch and Jacquline Maxwell, Contributors