Shapes and mistakes: Finding the perfect fit

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Every woman or fashion maven has a style icon. Whether it is Kim K, Beyonce, or Sofia Vergara we all seek celebrities for inspiration and secretly covet their lifestyles and mimic their trends. They are the label pushers, trend setters, and endorsers of the fashion world. However, as much as we aspire to have any celebs style we are not all blessed with that celebs body shape. In order to successfully wear a trend, you must dress for your body shape. Fashion has no limits, once a woman knows how to dress her body appropriately.

Women come in 5 common shapes. They may vary in ethnicity and genetics but the basics are the same. You have the “apple” which means your chest tends to be on the larger side with broad shoulders but your hips and legs stay slim throughout. Your legs are the key! Always play them up and search for pieces that will lengthen your torso for a lean look.

The next shape which happens to be the most general shape is the “pear.” Women with this shape tend to be fuller throughout the hip, thigh, and butt area. On the plus note their waists also tend to be more defined. In order to take emphasis away from the fullness of the hip play up your smaller top area and accentuate the arms. Your toned arms will be your best friend.

The shape women all over strive to achieve, and what drives up gym membership, is the “hourglass.” This shape is perhaps the most coveted and sought after shape. It has been seen time and time again in pop culture with the turn of new sex symbols and is here to stay. Women with this shape tend to be proportionate both upper and lower with a very defined and narrow waist. Your curves are your weapon and downfall. Clothing that is too baggy hides them, while clothing too tight comes off overly sexy. Try to find a happy medium.

The last two shapes are the “rectangle” and “wedge.” The “rectangle” shape is also known as having a boyish figure. The shape is in proportion frm the shoulders to hips. Your arms and legs are great focal points. Also, focus on creating the illusion of curves. The “wedge” tends to be broader throughout the shoulders and chest while the hip is considerably smaller in proportion to the upper body. Accentuating the lower half of the body will draw attention away from this disproportion so use your legs wisely.

In any case, fashion is not meant to be constricted by body types. Rules are meant to be broken.

You have to find what is going to give you the look you are aspiring toward in the most flattering manner. As women we constantly evolving so do not be afraid to try new things when it comes to fashion. Whatever trends you choose always remember to keep it chic no matter your shape.

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  • Kourtney Pope, Contributor