Simple steps that can help to build a small business brand

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The excitement of owning your own small business is matched only by the challenge of making sure people know about it. From the day you hang out your shingle – often a digital shingle these days – you’re faced with an uphill battle to build recognition. The good news is that it takes just a few simple steps and some dedication to build a brand around your business.

We live in a highly visual society, so you need to create an identity that not only stands out from the crowd, but that is simple enough for people to remember. Though it does require some expenditure, it might be worth it in the long run to hire a designer who can help you develop a logo.

Before you take the plunge and hire a designer, ask family, friends and people in your business network if they know of someone good. You never know, you might turn up a contact who designs in their spare time, or a young designer looking to build a portfolio, which could translate to a lower cost. When you’ve got your design, use it on all of your materials, from business cards to address labels and beyond.

It’s important for your business image that you maintain professionalism at all times. Even when you might be working with a friend or family member as a client, don’t let a personal relationship get in the way – it could be bad for both business and your relationship. When it comes to people who are strictly clients or vendors, always remember that you’re representing your company – keep up decorum by having separate checks and bank accounts and a separate phone line.

To make sure that your business is uppermost in the minds of current and potential customers, send out postcards detailing special offers. If sales don’t apply to what you do, make a habit of sending them out seasonally as a way to remind people that you’re there to help them.

No one starts a business without being passionate about what they’re doing. Though it might be tough sometimes, hang on to the thrill you felt when you first realized that you could create a business doing what you love. That will be something that you can return to time and time again for inspiration. Be sure to write down a personal mission statement that you can turn to when you need a boost to move on to the next step.

Courtesy of ARAcontent