YouTube’s New Mean Girls: “Most Popular Girls in School” Review

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YouTube has been the Mecca of do-it-yourself videos for years.

Viewers can type in anything and thousands of videos are at their fingertips from makeup tutorials, sewing tips, guitar lessons, and even how to hack a MacBook Pro.

However, YouTube has seen an increase in web series and the increase does not look like it will stop anytime soon.

One web series that has been sweeping YouTube and now A&T’s campus is “Most Popular Girls In School.”

Though the characters look like your typical sweet-faced Barbie’s, the content and punch lines are anything but.

To many viewers surprise, the creators are men, Carlo Moss and Mark Cope.

Mark was looking to get into stop animation but did not have a script or concept.

One night while out at a comedy bar, Mark ran into Carlo Moss.

Moss was there performing some of his material “Bathroom Hierarchy.” Dressed in drag, Carlo played the part of Deandra, the witty new girl of Oakland Park High School.

When I asked Carlo about how Deandra came about he pointed out the  that he has been doing improve for years in L.A. and Deandra came from his ability to do, “stupid girl voices,” that the audience loved.

After Carlo finished, Mark approached him about teaming up and expanding the material.

From this one monologue a cast and concept was born.  

I asked Moss were any of these characters based off of classmates from high school.

To my surprise Carlo attneded a super Christian high school and stated that a lot of the characters are based on people he and Mark have encountered in L.A.

“Mark and I have met so many Brittany’s and Deandra’s at casting calls and bars,” Carlo recalls.

The main players of the series include the Oakland Park cheerleaders, Mackenzie as head cheerleader, Tricia as co captain, and Brittany as the co vice captain.

The arch nemesis of the Oakland cheerleaders is the matriarch of Vanburrens, Cameron, Shea, and Mackenzie.  

Once peaceful acquaintances, these girls are now at war.

Life was pretty sweet until the day Deandra, the new girl, came to town.

Riffs, fights, and the battle for prom queen are some of the daily plagues of the in crowd of Oakland Park High that leads to a drama-filled prom finale.

Perhaps the most amusing part of the series is that male actors do most of the voices.  

As the cast has grown, women have been added to the mix as well, such as Lilly Vonnegut, who also helps produce the series.

For all the work that goes into creating this series, a lot of the materials are do-it-yourself projects.

 Mark and Carlo originally started out with three 99-cent dolls because Barbie dolls were too expensive.

Foam boards and a hot glue gun has been their savior throughout this series as well.

 As the series went on, Mark and Carlo gave their actors free range with the script.

In turn, there have been plenty of quotable one-liners.

It has been these one-liners that have gotten the show and their characters notoriety.

G-mail accounts, Twitter pages, and Facebook fan pages have sprung up all over the web in the name of viewer’s favorite characters.

One in particular is Lunch Lady Belinda who can be CC’ed at [email protected]

This series is perhaps the ultimate high school parody.

Anyone who watches can think of at least one person they graduated with who reminds them of one of the characters.

Though the concept is simple, the script, talent, and humor of the  series is what makes it genius.

I do not think there is one person who can watch this series and not find themselves either quoting it, watching it over, or using the signature Vanburren “byyyyyyeeeee!”

Overall, “Most Popular Girls in School” is a hit.

 New episodes post every Tuesday.

  • Kourtney Pope, Register Reporter