Alcohol’s special place in homecoming festivities

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Imagine yourself two weeks before homecoming, finalizing your plans. 

Just as you finish crossing things off your to do list, in comes the first of a series of texts that will continue up until homecoming. 

They usually come from an unfamiliar area code with something like, “Hey girl!” or “What up boo.” 

Of course your initial reaction is to respond with a, “who this” and you lie about your phone erasing all your contacts. 

When the mystery person finally reveals their identity it hits you.

 It is normally the person who would not give you the time of day back home. 

In other cases it is the distant cousin who suddenly wants to be close again. 

My personal favorite is the friend of a friend who you hung out with and tolerated her whinny attitude. Entirely because she was the BFF of someone within your circle. 

As the boring seconds of the awkward conversation elapse, it finally hits you. 

Oh, so you have heard about homecoming and now you need a place to lay your head? 

Some are even bold enough to allude to the fact that they are trying to secure some guaranteed homecoming after-hours action.

Their methods are often sneaky and tactful. 

They begin by attempting to infiltrate your circle and you probably will not even notice. 

You think it is just a friendly follow on Twitter or an innocent  friend request on Facebook. 

The next thing you know, they’re socially linked to the majority of your closest friends and all you hear about is how “cool” this person is and how much fun it would be if they got to come to homecoming. 

Now that they have all of your friends on their side, you look like a complete jerk if you do not offer them a place to stay! 

What are you to do? 

You can a either deny them a place to stay, look like a jerk, and chalk it all up to YOLO for them not having a backup plan, or you can spend your entire homecoming with someone you don’t really know or like to begin with. 

Most of the time we end up choosing the second choice to save face. 

You then spend the next few days regretting this choice because your ungrateful guest either has to be babysat after a few shots, complains the entire time, and/or eats up all your noodles and snacks. 

How do you avoid this pre-homecoming drama? Though some may not agree, you must lie! Go into witness protection. Drop off the face of Earth. That means no tweeting, instagram, or Facebook statuses. Your line is, “What is the greatest homecoming on earth?”

You have to act as if you major, no matter how lame, consumes your entire life and you do not have time for the foolishness of fun. 

If you cannot resist the urge to tell all of your friends what you are doing at every moment of your day, I suggest creating an alternative account for whatever social network you are addicted to. 

Just be aware that this puts you at a much higher risk of exposing the fun you are not suppose to be having through photos. 

Why is it so hard for us to say no? It is that guilty feeling we get when we feel we are not being a true Aggie. 

Aggies are known for hospitality, but you were not always an Aggie. 

Somewhere in the handbook I’m sure there is a section about helping those who are less fortunate like ECU, N.C. State, and Central see what it is like to take part in an authentic homecoming experience. 

In the end, it is homecoming and within the spirit of Aggie Pride you only live once.



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  • Carlton Brown, Business Manager