Takers’ offers drama and suspense

An ‘all-star cast’;  in the production world, in many cases this can often equate to ‘a terrible script.’  Such could have been the case for the recently screened film, “The Takers,” starring Idris Elba, Chris Brown, Matt Dillon, Michael Ealy, T.I., Hayden Christensen,  Steve Harris, and Zoe Saldana.  Films with casts of this caliber usually garners costs for the cast alone that exceeds the amount of money films are projected to make in the box office.  So much money is spent on the cast (about 10 to 20 million dollars per actor depending on his/her Screen Actor’s Guild eligibilty), that there are little funds and time to devote to more important aspects of the film such as: production quality, marketing, special effects, and the story line/script; I personally believe films like “Kingdom Come,” starring Jada Pink Smith and L.L. Cool J, and “Death at a Funeral” starring Chris Rock were very noticeable victims of this….pandemic. “The Takers” however, proved  this to be entirely untrue. The action and believability throughout this film takes its viewers through a heart racing cinematic experience like one would never believe.  The performances and level of talent demonstrated by Chris Brown is remarkable.  He, along with Idris Elba, T.I. and Michael Ealy band together and create the most outstanding, ruthless, and intellectually driven group of criminals since ‘The Godfather.’  Expect to experience stunt work and pacing that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat until the last, table turning second of the film.  Each actor in this film receives a round of applause from me, especially T.I. and Chris Brown, who deliver notable dramatic and intense performances; Chris Brown’s acting has definitely improved since “This Christmas” and “Stomp the Yard,” I’m proud, to say the least.This film can be closely compared to “Set it Off,” directed by F. Gary Gray.  The violence, the bonds, the betrayal, the sexuality has molded this fine piece of work into a cinematic masterpiece.The film draws a strong female audience with its sexuality, but captures the male audience with its gun power, and live action sequences.  

  • Kevin Wilson