‘Smokey Joe’s’ offers classic music

I thought excellent bands were hard to find in Greensboro until I attended the Smokey Joe’s cafe musical! 

The band was fantastic! The musicians were the core of the whole musical, along with the phenomenal actors. 

There were sassy, comical, and romantic scenes in the musical which made it an unforgettable show. The actors played their role very well by channeling the personality of the character they played. 

The band also kept the audience entertained even through the intermission! 

Smokey Joe’s Cafe is very classical, causing it to stand out from other musicals. 

The actors gave energy and sassiness in various scenes such as “Trouble” and “I’m a Woman.” 

The scene that stuck out the most was how an alcoholic got saved! There was a church choir singing to him. Throughout the scene, he got his life together. It was very realistic.

Unfortunately, many people will not get to see the talented actors and musicians perform due to GHOE. After this musical, I will make it my priority to continue to support the theatre department. I honestly felt like I was in New York watching a Broadway play! 

I would recommend anyone to go see this show and it’s free!

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  • Khadejah Bennett Contributor