‘A Reverend In Exile’ gets rave reviews

Faith has always been a controversy when it comes to religion and our belief in the impossible. People lose their sense of faith all the time, whether it is for obscured reasons or for others.

But what if people of higher authority lost their faith? How would we view them? They are after all they are only human right? “The Reverend Right Dupree In Exile” ponders on this issue. Move over Tyler Perry because this time, the pastor is the one who needs saving.

This play, by Jackie Alexander, tells the story of Reverend Charles Dupree, a family man and a pastor who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. He must come to terms with not only his congregation, but also himself as his signs of dementia are starting to show.

The play also centers on the emotional values of family and trust, with the Reverend’s wife by his side to keep him going. Miriam Dupree, played by senior theatre major Shelby Womack, said “she takes the reverends side being the backbone” in essence “she’s the peace.” The Reverend’s son Brendan adds to his religious convictions as he brings home his Muslim fiancée.

With the Reverend’s faith being tested, it creates friction amongst his peers that the audience will grasp and understand that this problem may not just be one of faith, but pride as well.

As the play progresses the audience begins to understand that this is no mere family drama, but rather a reflection into their own lives. It also takes into account of responsibility of why it is important that we as individuals be true to ourselves and acknowledges God as our Lord and Savior.

The Reverend Right Dupree in Exile was excellent for those not only who are struggling with faith, but for those who need it.

  • Malik Canty