Lance Gross: Taking control of a ‘Crisis’

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Spring has arrived, and so has a new suspense thriller entitled ‘Crisis.’

Crisis is a mix between the shows ‘Hostages,’ and ‘24.’ It has a lot of action, a season-long crime story, and a compelling plot.

NBC’s latest thriller grabs its audience’s attention right away. In the first episode, the opening scene entails a sweaty, troubled parent in an open field questioning his recent actions, leading to a FBI agent asking the million dollar question, “What have you done?”

After the opening scene, the show introduces high school students and their powerful parents who happen to be a diplomat, CEO of an international IT corporation, and the President. While on a school field trip, the president’s son well as two secret service agents, one of which is the show’s leading star, Lance Gross.

As the students are traveling, an unexpected roadblock occurs, leaving rookie, and social service agent Finley wounded and the students taken hostage. Only one high school student escapes, thanks to the heroic actions of the wounded Finley.

Agent Susie Dunn is in charge of finding the students, and the person behind the kidnapping. The only problem is that her niece, Amber, is one of the hostages. Meg, Amber’s mother and Susie’s sister is a high profile CEO of an International IT Corporation. A tense relationship between the sisters adds another highlight to the show.

One question ‘Crisis’ causes viewers to gauge is, “How far would you go to hold or to protect your children?” The kidnapping causes turmoil with virtually everyone in the show, from the students to their parents.

‘Crisis’ holds a promising cast in Gillian Anderson, Rachael Taylor, Lance Gross, Michael Beach, James Lafferty, and Stevie Lynn Jones.  

‘Crisis’ grabbed more than 6.53 million viewers on its season opener. The Television Series gave the show a 7.2/10 review. Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a 6.6 out of 10.

As characters are revealed and the story line continues to change, the shows audience will ultimately determine its longevity. Thus far, the producers have done an outstanding job. This new NBC television series shows promise. If properly executed, ‘Crisis’ can become a household favorite.  Tune into NBC thriller every Sunday at 10 p.m.  

Many are hopeful that this series will put Lance Gross back in the forefront. This role is more gritty and serious fro Gross who has been on a hiatus recently. Audiences will see growth in Gross and his character as the series continues. “Crisis” takes cop thrillers to the next level.

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  • Dominique Moody Register Contributor