What is Aggie Pride?

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As new students enter into this academic school, I wonder how many of them truly know the meaning of Aggie Pride? Is the importance of knowing and understanding what Aggie Pride is all about even stressed anymore?

Over the years there has been a silent disagreement between upperclassmen and others about the incoming students and their dedication to North Carolina A&T and whether they understand what it means to have Aggie Pride. Some upperclassmen believe that some of the new students do not have a clear view on what it means to have Aggie Pride, which causes a disconnect for future generations of Aggies because the bond that Aggie Pride produces amongst its students will continue to disintegrate in strength as time progresses.

Niya Ross, junior, nursing student from Suitland, Md., said “freshman lack the passion that we have for Aggie Pride. Aggie Pride does go so much deeper then the cheers, but freshman just don’t know how deep that is.” Jade Hill, junior, business student from Laurel, Md., said “some new coming freshman understand Aggie Pride because their parents are alumni, but Aggie Pride truly displays being proud to attend this university.”

So with that being said, some upperclassmen believe that if your parent is an alumnus of the University, then you may have a greater understanding of how deep Aggie Pride run, while others just see Aggie Pride as just a fun thing to say rather than an actual way of life.

Of course some new students beg to differ with the upperclassman and their thoughts on them having no knowledge of Aggie Pride.

Jasmine Woods, freshman, Fashion Merchandise and Design student from Kernersville, N.C. said, “I don’t think we understand the full extent of Aggie Pride because we haven’t experienced it as an official Aggie yet, like winning something or accomplishing something as a team, making us feel like family.”

Although incoming students may not understand the true meaning of Aggie Pride, they are not the blame. Steps may be taken in order to increase the awareness of true Aggie Pride. During orientation, there should be a history documentary included in the festivities. This documentary would include the history of N.C. A&T from when the school first began to current events happening at the school today. This will not only benefit the new incoming students, but the entire community.

Another way to ensure that the history of this University is instilled in all students would be to have a required class teaching the history of the University for all incoming students.

The history of our University is the root of the community. The history is what links us to our founders, alumni, and each other. We must know where we have been to understand where we are going. N.C. A&T is more than GHOE, football, and parties. This is a historically rich University that has overcome several adversities to become a staple in HBCU history. We are a strong, united institution and with everyone learning and growing with one another we can only get better.

  • Brianna Bazemore & Miranda Jacobs Contributors