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1. New freshmen crowding the Union? 2. “Being Mary Jane?” 3. The “Scandal” drought? 4. Teachers assigning homework already? 5. Madonna dropping the “n” word on Instagram? 6. This fickle weather? 7. Kool-Aid red hair? 8. Every girl claiming they woke up like this? 9. Girls being “drunk in love” while their man is sober and cheating? 10. Knock-off UGGS? 11. Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots still being worn? 12. See through leggings? 13. Leggings for pants? 14.30 inch weaves? 15. Boys in camo pants? 16. Boys wearing mismatch patterns and calling themselves hipsters? 17. DM games on Instagram? 

18. Group rate games? 19. Yeezianity? 20.Gym full of false New Year’s resolutions?