20 Questions_April 28, 2010

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1. How was the Chancellors installation?

2. Did Chancellor Martin get his chain from G-Unit?

3. Were you surprised at how well Syene did in his speech?

4. Did you hear that old dude call A&T AT&T?

5. How you gonna stand in front of a big sign that says A&T and mess up the name?

6. Can’t you look at our crappy e-mail system and know we’re not a telecommunications giant?

7. Why is our new Vice Chancellor of I.T. from IBM?

  8. Don’t people realize IBM is the problem we have now?

9.  Does IBM even make computers anymore?

10.  Have you seen that ncat e-mail system?

11. Why can’t we just get G-Mail like everybody else?

12.Does she even know what G-Mail is?

13. With our revolving door chancellor system, if you’ve seen one installation, haven’t you seen them all?

14. Have you noticed A&T drops chancellors like Gucci drops mix tapes?

15. Have you heard about the immigration law in Arizona?

16. What about the man that opted to be killed by firing range in Utah?

17. Did you know the police could stop you to demand identification to make sure you’re not an illegal?

18. I’m sorry, are we in 1957 again?

19.  How white will your white party outfit be?

20.  Will it be white enough to prevent you from getting stopped in Arizona?

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