Ask a Black Guy

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What changes need to be made in 2011?

Guy #1: Every individual needs to take responsibility for his or her own shortcomings. Help your brothers and sister when they need it the most. Also, as black men, we need to realize that this world is not an easy place to be. So with that being said we need to stop being afraid to admit when we need help.

Guy #2: We need to be more determined to force progressive change. With the world spiraling out of control, its essential that we can stay spiritually grounded and advances forward at the same time. 2011 will only be what we make it. The biggest change we need to make is making sure that when we look back at the end of the year that we’re not in the same place as we were last year.

Guy #3: Black people need to stop stabbing each other in the back in 2011. After that we can start moving forward. But in 2011 that should be our main focus. Stop tearing each other down or speaking negativity into each other’s lives. If we cannot shake this mentality, then we are going to be in the same state that we were in last year.

What is your definition of a crazy woman?

Guy #1: The definition of a crazy woman starts with girls who hold grudges. Holding a grudge leads to women not being able to let certain things go. Not letting go of some misfortunes that life hands us leads to mental instability. And this eventually leads to being overly insecure. And nothing is worse than a woman who is overly insecure.

Guy #2: Sometimes a crazy woman is a result of a no good man. A lot of times I think men stamp women with the crazy label because we are too afraid to admit that there are things about them that we do not care to understand. If she’s not willing to give it up when we want, cater to our every need, and bend over backwards for a man who only give her the attention she wants when the lights go out, then she’s obviously crazy. So I think the definition of a crazy woman is a woman who has taken control of her private parts and only gives a man limited attention.

Guy #3: A woman who is 35 and older and never been married, a woman who says every man is like “all the others”, a woman thinks that she does not need a man, a woman who expects a man to change everything for her, a woman who blames sex on alcohol, a woman who accepts her role as a jump off then tries to change up after a few nights, a woman who thinks she’s going to keep a man yet never tries to watch any sports with him, and last but not least a woman who thinks the earth revolves around her every move!

What is your favorite quality about black women?

Guy #1: Their strength! Black women are some of the strongest and most loyal people on the each. Nothing beats a girl who is actually down for her man. And of all the women on this world, I would say that black women are best at that.

Guy #2: I love the fact that every black woman has a story worth listening to. I think the lives black women, especially in America, live are simply fascinating. You can never tell if their lives have been filled with pain or pleasure by the look on their face. Being black in America is not easy. Yet being a woman has to be even worse. So I guess the fact that they are both black and women are a gift and a curse. Their struggle is balanced out by their enormous amount of strength and that’s what I love about them the most!

Guy #3: The fact there is no me without them. My mother, grandmother, sister, niece, etc. are all black women. I love the fact that the people closest to my heart understand me better than I understand myself most of the time.