The ‘Squirtastic’ Voyage

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By A&T Register Contributor

He did everything he was supposed to do.

I was experiencing an ecstasy so pure and vibrant, like a flame lighting into my soul through my loins. Back and forth back and forth *slap* back and forth then BOOM BOOM BOOM

I forgot all about my roommates and might’ve broken a sound barrier or two. Time seemed to slow down as my whole body flushed with hot blood. A volt of energy shot up and through my spine like lightning, and then… happened. The warm liquid gushed onto the comforter as solitary droplets splashed then trickled down my legs. Suddenly he stopped. I looked back with a questioning glance as I watched him jump up and say “Yoooo what the f***?! Is that pee?” “No, I squirted.” I replied, already feeling agitated. “That means you were doing a marvelous job, so why’d you stop?” He scratched his head then gently wiped his hand on the wet spot and smelled it.

“Hell nah that’s pee,” as he proceeded to grab his clothes and quickly get dressed. My basic biological explanation for what just happened didn’t make a difference because clearly he was an idiot. He left me in anger and embarrassment as I cursed him for being naïve and slammed the door behind him, making sure to lock it. I then proceeded to research the phenomenon even further and learned something new that night….

First of all, IT’S NOT PEE. Well….kinda sorta but not really. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a French Study in 2014 where they recruited women who were frequent squirters to discover the origin of their sporadic splash sessions. They asked the women to use the restroom and then conducted an ultrasound to see how their bladders looked when empty. Then they asked them to go into a private room where they were sexually stimulated, either by themselves, a chosen partner, or a sex toy. Upon arousal they did another ultrasound to discover their bladders had filled up again. The women were left to their stimulation until they orgasmed and “squirted.” The following ultrasounds showed empty bladders.

While some women released a fluid chemically similar to urine, others secreted a very diluted form of urine where chemicals from the prostate were also present. Yes, females have prostates, too – also known as the Skene’s gland. According to, the Skene’s gland is the equivalent of a male prostate located near the urethra, which it drains fluid into, upon a specific kind of arousal or what we commonly know as the ‘G-spot orgasm.’

In conclusion: yes, women do squirt and yes, there might be a little urine in there.

Now before you get all tense and disgusted about it, let’s put some things into perspective here. First of all, only a small amount of it is actually quote-on-quote “urine.” More accurately, it is diluted bodily fluids, i.e. mostly water. Secondly, when a male ejaculates, it travels through the urethra, which also conducts urine from the bladder as he urinates sooooooo when a man climaxes, one can find traces of urine in his semen as well.

With all of this in mind, there is no need to feel repulsed or squeamish about it because ummmm it’s sex for goodness sakes and we have sex with our genitals and we all know sex is not the only thing we use our genitals for nor do we seem to care while we’re doing it.

If you’re grossed out about a little urine creeping into you or your partner’s joy juice then consider celibacy or consider finding a partner who’s intimately compatible.

Sex is for grown folks. There are a multitude of ways to express love and compassion or immerse in the depths of lust, if only for the moment. We all have the freedom and the right to choose what we want for ourselves, especially when it comes to our bodies and sexual pleasure.

Find your level of sexual freedom, and let others do the same without judgement.

***Note: Most STDs are transferred through bodily fluids – like semen and female ejaculate – use protection [condoms, dental dams, etc.] or use discretion and get tested regularly. If you’re allergic to latex, seek polyurethane condoms as an alternative, available wherever you can buy latex condoms.