Exploring Birth Control Options

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By Dante Miller and Keashiah McLaughlin

Several students today are unaware of the various forms of birth control. Students tend to be knowledgeable of only basic birth control methods, such as condoms and pills. However, there are about 20 types of birth control, ranging from Intrauterine Devices (IUDs), patches, diaphragms, and even abstinence.

“All forms of birth control are available here at the Student Health Center. Many students believe because they don’t have student insurance they have to go elsewhere; however, we have affordable birth control options here at the Sebastian Heath Center,” said health advisor Brady Baldwin.

Here are a few different types of birth control which are available to students at the Sebastian Heath Center:

* IUDs are small devices made from plastic. It is inserted into a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. It can be used as a long-term method because it can be left in a woman’s vagina for 3-5 years. Women will not have to worry about taking the form daily and possibly forget about it. IUDs are not permanent, so they can be removed if a woman desires to conceive.

* Patches stick to the woman’s skin and helps to prevent pregnancy by releasing hormones to different parts of the body. The price for the patches varies according to location and medical insurance.

* Diaphragms are dome-shaped pieces of silicon that form a barrier between the vagina and the cervix. When they are inserted into the vagina, they prevent sperm from traveling up the fallopian tubes and fertilizing eggs.

To attain these forms of birth control, students can visit Sebastian for check-ups and receive consultations with physicians on their most suitable birth control methods. There are also various places to get birth control in the city of Greensboro such as the Guilford County Health Department which offers free STD testing Monday through Friday, with or without insurance. It’s literally walking distance from campus.

Planned Parenthood on Battleground Avenue has many birth control options in their offices as well. They also have various locations throughout the state of North Carolina. The Family Planning Clinic on East Wendover Avenue also provides birth control information and services. You may also visit the Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center on North Elm Street as well.