10 VERY Sexy Books

Alexis Wray

1. The Sex Chronicles

By Zane:

A titillating collection of short stories revolving around

the sexcapades of Patience James aka Zane,

Maricruz, Lyric, Eboni, and Ana Marie. This book inspired

The Cinemax show, Zane’s Sex Chronicles, the first

urban erotic television show. As always, Zane

gives the reader an inspiring new perspective on

what it means to be a sexually hungry black woman.

2. Dear G Spot 

By Zane:

This book is a collection of questions from men and women

in desperate need of sex advice from Zane.

She gives witty advice that

is both insightful and comforting.

3. Addicted/ Addicted with a Twist 

By Zane:

Sex addict and successful business woman, Zoe, struggles to

keep her erotic desires from ruining her perfect family.

She finds solace in a therapist and reveals her deceitful tales of lust.

Will Zoe’s insatiable thirst for sex ever be quenched or will

she be the reason her family falls apart?

Three years after the first installment of the series, Zoe is still married

and raising a family with Jason Reynolds. She becomes torn

between being honest with her loved ones or continuing

her lustful affair with a man named “Orpheus” in a hotel.

Will Zoe ever decide if her desires are more

important than her husband and children?

4. Call Me Daddy 

By: Jada West

Laine has turned eighteen and her friend takes her out to celebrate

then ditches her. Shortly afterward, a forty-two year

old sexy, rich man named Nick discovers her. The lack of a father figure in Laine’s life leads her to lust over Nick. Will Laine and Nick have sex?

Will she scream out Daddy with a fiery passion?

5. Sexual Healing 

By: Allison Hobbs & Cairo

Cruze Fontaine is a tall and handsome self-made millionaire who is

known for giving women the orgasms of a lifetime. Arabia Knight

is known for seeking out rich men through sex. Never has she

been pleased by any of them, until Cruze. Will Cruze satisfy

this sex crazed gold digger?

6. Sex Fiend 

By: C. Passion Bates

Patrick Jones is Rachel Collins’ ex of four years but he still knows

how to pull the sex fiend out of her. Rachel’s baby sister

Tracey is a closet sex fiend. However, Rachel’s college roommate

Vanessa has no shame because she knows what she likes and knows she is a sex fiend.

When will everyone else admit they’re sex fiends too?

7. Teach Me (Brie’s Submission Series #1) 

By: Red Phoenix

Sir Thane Thomas Davis is about to introduce Brie Bennett to a whole new world of

BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism).

He meets her working in a tiny store and invites Brie Bennett to

his famous school known for the training of submission.

Will Brie Bennett accept his offer? Will she learn the art of BDSM?

8. Fifty Shades of Grey 

By: E. L. James

Anastasia Steele interviews a rich and powerful businessman,

Christian Grey. Things begin to escalate as Anastasia increasingly learns

about Christian. She begins to catch feelings for him and while learning he has

an obsession for dominant and submissive sex roles.

Will Anastasia become Christian’s submissive?

9. Night After Night 

By: Lauren Blakely

Clay captivates Julia in ways she could have only imagined.

Not only does he fulfill her sexual wants and needs, but

he gave her new ones. Julia only falls more and more into Clay’s

rabbit hole, as they quickly develop a parasitic relationship

consumed with copulation and lies.

10. Sex Love Repeat 

By: Alessandra Torre

She is in a relationship with two men who

are aware of the circumstances, yet both of

them co-exist solely for her. Stewart says

because his life is too busy for the commitment of

something more. Paul says he loves

her more than anything. Is this love triangle

as perfect as it sounds?

Alexis Wray

Instagram, SC: wray_alexis

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