Aggie Night Live

Aggie Night Live held its final show for the year April 29 in the Harrison Auditorium. The audience was laughing, screaming and clapping for what the cast had to offer. It was great entertainment to sit through even with air conditioning issues. For over two hours there was no seat that was empty.

During the show cast members presented a various type of skits that was inspired by different shows and movies such as Good Times, High School Musical, and more; the cast even broke the forth wall a couple of times.

One of the first skits was Good Times, where Thelma came back home from her university, North Carolina Agriculture and Technical University of course, with her new boyfriend. Of course, James was not pleased to meet him. After the cast reacted most of the typical Good Time shenanigans, Thelma received her financial aid letter where she learned that N.C A&T gave her a whopping 10 dollars to cover her tuition. Can I get an Aggie Pride? The family of course wasn’t happy and the scene cut into the iconic moment where we learned that Penny was physically abused by her mother, you know that scene with the iron. Before she gets beat the cast stop and turned to the audience to say and Welcome to Aggie Night Live! That moment was hilarious.

The High school musical skit was funny as well, where it was renamed to Black School Musical, were the audience was entertained with nostalgic music and great dancing.

ANL is the creation of Journalism and Mass Communications student Allen Meade, and as he proudly stated at the end of the show he will be graduating in two week. During ever since the start of the show Meade has been directing and producing the show and describes leaving Aggie Night Live as bitter sweet. “After producing four episodes it has really became part of me and shaped my college experience. I love A&T so much and being able go out with a bang for ANL 2017 just before graduation is what I desired,” said Meade.

Nearing the end of the show it was announced that Meade’s replacement will be Jordan McAlpine, “I know the new director, Jordan McAlpine, will do an outstanding job and I can’t wait to witness the direction in which he takes Aggie Night Live!”

During the show ANL honored their comrade and friend Asante Perkins who died June 7, 2016; Perkins was part of the tech team of ANL. There was spiritual mime dancing and songs dedicated to his memory. ANL actor Victoria Eaton stated that “Asante would have been proud of our final show and how it ended. He loved Aggie Night Live and it wasn’t hard to honor his memory because I know he would have wanted it that way.”

All in all, the show was simply outstanding to witness, of course there was laughter and fun but there were also touching moments. It was prevalent that staff work diligently to makes its final show its best one.