CEO FUBU visits A&T

Brittany Van Pelt

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By: Brittany Van Pelt, Contributor

FUBU Founder Daymon John kicks off Chancellor Speaker Series

Chancellor Martin kicked off his Chancellor Speaker Series this past Wednesday with FUBU CEO, Daymon John.

John spoke to a crowd of over a hundred students about building your own empire.

“I attended because I respect Daymon John as businessman and investor. I wanted his insight on how to start a successful business of my own,” said sophomore English student, Nia Reid.

John centered his speech around his 5 “shark” pillars. Setting a goal, doing your homework, loving what you’re doing, remember you are the brand, and to just keep swimming.

John made sure to emphasis to the crowd that “success isn’t money.” If you want to start a business, you can’t start it for the sole reason of wanting to make money. It has to be something you’re passionate about.

“Entrepreneurship means not only to be your own boss, but to have full ownership and creativity of your brand,” said sophomore English student, Nia Reid.

One of the most inspirational moments in John’s speech was when he talked about when he realized he could mix his love for hip-hop and business together. Saying “It was that moment my life turned from black and white to technicolor.”

One of the student businesses awarded this honor was Emani Harris’s company, Pish Posh.

“Pish Posh is an amazing company that I have purchased from multiple times. Emani’s work is always consistently good,” said sophomore Political Science student, Nya McNeill.

Black entrepreneurs and CEOs are slowly narrowing the gap in the business world.

“As a community, we need to understand that black-owned business won’t be cheap dollar, but in the long run benefit the community the most,” said sophomore Political Science student, Nya McNeill.

North Carolina A&T has many thriving student-owned businesses that are ran by up and coming Black entrepreneurs themselves. It is up to us to not only support them financially, but emotionally as well because when one of us thrives, we all thrive.