Top five worst tornadoes in NC by Elaijah Gibbs-Jones, Jasmine Hooks and Victoria Turner

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Top five worst tornadoes in NC by Elaijah Gibbs-Jones, Jasmine Hooks and Victoria Turner

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We have several Aggies who are natives of North Carolina, but some of them have never seen or experienced a tornado.

However, that does not speak to whether or not tornadoes have taken place.

Aside from Sunday’s catastrophe, there have been many tornado-ridden storms right here in North Carolina.

With the frequency of tornadoes spiking in the 1990s, they have since increased though tornado-related deaths have decreased due to improved forecasting and earlier warnings.

Below are the top 5 worst tornadoes that have occurred in North Carolina. 

1.) One of the most deadly tornado outbreaks in North Carolina occurred March 28, 1984. There were 22 tornadoes that touched down in North and South Carolina 1200 people were injured, 42 deaths.

2.) Three of the deadliest tornadoes in NC occurred on April 16, 2011 — one of North Carolina’s most active years. One occurred in Hoke County with a death toll of 2 and 176 injuries. There was another in Moore county with 6 dead and 103 injured. The third most deadly was in Bertie County. There were 12 deaths and 58 injuries.

3.) On February 19, 1884, a deadly tornado roared through Anson and Richmond counties killing 23 people and injuring 100.

4.) In Greensboro on April 3, 1936, a violent tornado caused 1.5 million dollars worth of damage with a death toll of 14 and 144 injured.

5.) Striking the northwest part of Raleigh, New Hope, Justice, Ita, Halifax, and Jackson, a funnel on November 28, 1988 killed 4 people and injured a grand total of 154.

Whether this is your permanent home or not, it helps to know what safety precautions you should take.